PestPac Mobile Workforce Solutions

Increasing Efficiency in the Field

Easy, affordable access to mobile technology has been changing the way that many pest control companies run their business. The days of managing stacks of paperwork, filing cabinets and Rolodex’s are being replaced with solutions that put all of your vital business operations and documents in one place, right at you and your technicians’ fingertips.

PestPac offers a variety of mobile workforce solutions for pest control companies that can increase your business’s efficiency, reduce your operating costs and improve your customers’ satisfaction:

Marathon Mobile PestPac 147height

Marathon Mobile

Smartphones have become a smart solution for servicing customers in the field. Equipping your technician with the Marathon Mobile application (Available for both iPhone and Android devices) helps increase efficiency both in the field and in the office with increased data accuracy, less administrative time and costs, reduced use of paper and more time for technicians to perform. A minimum upfront investment provides your technicians with access to a simple, user-friendly, intuitive and efficiency-increasing tool that you’ll wish you had been using sooner. 


Digital Logbook

Does your business provide service to food manufacturing plants and medical facilities? Say goodbye to the bulky 3-ring binder and hello to having access to reports, important documents and more in a few clicks, right at your fingertips. PestPac LogIt allows you to easily navigate through documents, reports, technician licenses, detailed inspection reports, material usage reports, MSDS labels and much more. 

Marathon Mobile Hardware

Mobile Hardware

PestPac has close relationships with reputable hardware vendors, which enables us to offer ruggedized mobile hardware to our customers at competitive prices. Plus, all of the mobile hardware we offer is tested and approved for use with PestPac. 

Mobilize your business with the intuitive, user-friendly and efficiency-oriented mobile technology PestPac has to offer.


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What Our Clients Say

  • We just received huge kudos from one of our largest inspected facilities in regards to the functionality of the PestPac Premier Customer Portal.
    Andrew Medlen - Modern Pest Services

  • The PestPac software has become one of our leading assets. It is very intuitive and nicely organized. Multi-tasking within the program is simple. We are now able to manage our pest control jobs and routes more efficiently.
    Ben Hoy - Pro Pacific Pest Control

  • PestPac is the best pest control software we have ever used!
    Ben MIller - AAI Pest Control

  • Great software and the staff is very knowledgeable.
    Eddie Brewer - Redd Pest Solutions

  • The software is incredible and allows us to do so many great things.
    Hank Hirsch - RK Environmental Services

  • Works very well and is very reliable.
    Jeff Phillips - Blue Chip Exterminating

  • It is evident that the team at Marathon Data Systems caters to the pest management industry as PestPac is constantly evolving to meet our needs.
    Jim Dye - Border Pest Control, Inc.

  • The flexibility of the software and the ability of the staff far surpasses the other software options out there.
    Julie Fredlund - ABC Home & Commercial Services

  • The staff at PestPac(Marathon) are always friendly. They listen to our ideas and even our concerns and help come up with solutions to help grow our business!
    Justin McCauley - McCauley Services

  • Our customer service staff LOVE the new GPS Map within PestPac so they know where our staff members are!!! It is a BIG hit
    Scott Steckel - Varment Guard

  • The staff that has HELPED me has always done me right. In fact they are so good I have NEVER gotten frustrated with them. Microsoft, Comcast, Go Daddy to name just a few of the big guys have NOTHING compared to Marathon.
    Terrance Wilson - Valley Pest Solutions

  • PestPac RouteOp is absolutely worth the money. It's amazing.
    Brandi Martin - Nozzle Nolen

  • I am loving PestPac. The more I learn, the easier my work load is becoming. It's the best decision I ever made, besides marrying my husband!
    Nancy Dirks - Dirks Pest Management

  • Having an extensive background in software, I knew PestPac was the way to go after doing all of my research. RouteOp and Mobile 2.0 have really put PestPac ahead of the competition since there is nothing else like these features out there.
    David Maddox - Tuxedo Mosquito

  • PestPac has truly managed to exceed my expectation. Not to mention how great the people that work at Marathon are, and how they always go above and beyond to help me.
    David Maddox - Tuxedo Mosquito