Software for Pest Control Companies

Streamline Your Daily Workflow

When you run a pest control business, generic office management software just doesn’t cut it. Pest control professionals need software that provides a solution for the unique requirements and challenges presented in the office and the field on a daily basis.

PestPac is a leading pest control software solution utilized by over half *of the top 100** pest control companies. It allows you to streamline your daily workflow by automating or simplifying tasks that typically bog you down and waste valuable time during business hours.

Each element of PestPac is tailored to meet the needs of pest control businesses of any size. From single owner/operators to multi-million dollar corporations, PesPac contains unique features and modules that allow you to run your business efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on growth.

Plus, PestPac is web-based, so that’s all you need to get started is an Internet connection.

PestPac Features At-a-Glance:

Service Order Management

Simplify creating your one-time and recurring services

  • Create a recurring service and an initial visit all in the same screen
  • Choose from our pre-loaded recurring schedule types, or create your own
  • Create a one-time service with just a few clicks
  • Quickly and easily generate your service orders for the upcoming month

Advanced Scheduling and Route Optimization

Manage your technicians and appointments with ease

  • Find the best day and time for an appointment in one click with Quick Scheduler
  • View multiple technician schedules, reschedule services and print service orders in one screen
  • Minimize drive time between stops and reduce fuel costs with our Visual Route Manager tool

Detailed Reporting

Get valuable insight about your business with reports you can customize based on your needs

Invoicing, Accounting and Payment Processing

Streamline your accounting tasks and save valuable time

  • Store, process and auto-bill credit cards securely
  • Post and send invoices with minimal steps
  • Quickly apply payments


Let PestPac help you market and grow your business

  • Easily segment your customers to upsell services
  • Include custom marketing messages on your service orders, inspection reports and invoices

Simplified Customer Management

Provide your customers with account access so they can view past orders and pay their bill online

  • Quick set up
  • Customize your customers’ log in screen to match your branding
  • Accept credit card payments as they are submitted

In addition to these core features, you can choose from a number of customized modules to make your PestPac software even more powerful. Each module is designed to address specific challenges within the industry, from routing to automated appointment reminders.

You’re here because you’re ready for a powerful software product that can help take your business to the next level, automate tasks that are taking up valuable time and ultimately run your business with less headaches. Unlock the true power of PestPac today and discover everything it can do for your business.

*May fluctuate from year to year, ** PCT Top 100 list


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What Our Clients Say

  • We just received huge kudos from one of our largest inspected facilities in regards to the functionality of the PestPac Premier Customer Portal.
    Andrew Medlen - Modern Pest Services

  • The PestPac software has become one of our leading assets. It is very intuitive and nicely organized. Multi-tasking within the program is simple. We are now able to manage our pest control jobs and routes more efficiently.
    Ben Hoy - Pro Pacific Pest Control

  • PestPac is the best pest control software we have ever used!
    Ben MIller - AAI Pest Control

  • Great software and the staff is very knowledgeable.
    Eddie Brewer - Redd Pest Solutions

  • The software is incredible and allows us to do so many great things.
    Hank Hirsch - RK Environmental Services

  • Works very well and is very reliable.
    Jeff Phillips - Blue Chip Exterminating

  • It is evident that the team at Marathon Data Systems caters to the pest management industry as PestPac is constantly evolving to meet our needs.
    Jim Dye - Border Pest Control, Inc.

  • The flexibility of the software and the ability of the staff far surpasses the other software options out there.
    Julie Fredlund - ABC Home & Commercial Services

  • The staff at PestPac(Marathon) are always friendly. They listen to our ideas and even our concerns and help come up with solutions to help grow our business!
    Justin McCauley - McCauley Services

  • Our customer service staff LOVE the new GPS Map within PestPac so they know where our staff members are!!! It is a BIG hit
    Scott Steckel - Varment Guard

  • The staff that has HELPED me has always done me right. In fact they are so good I have NEVER gotten frustrated with them. Microsoft, Comcast, Go Daddy to name just a few of the big guys have NOTHING compared to Marathon.
    Terrance Wilson - Valley Pest Solutions

  • PestPac RouteOp is absolutely worth the money. It's amazing.
    Brandi Martin - Nozzle Nolen

  • I am loving PestPac. The more I learn, the easier my work load is becoming. It's the best decision I ever made, besides marrying my husband!
    Nancy Dirks - Dirks Pest Management

  • Having an extensive background in software, I knew PestPac was the way to go after doing all of my research. RouteOp and Mobile 2.0 have really put PestPac ahead of the competition since there is nothing else like these features out there.
    David Maddox - Tuxedo Mosquito

  • PestPac has truly managed to exceed my expectation. Not to mention how great the people that work at Marathon are, and how they always go above and beyond to help me.
    David Maddox - Tuxedo Mosquito