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PestPac Architecture: Key Features

PestPac is hosted by Amazon Web Services – the same provider that powers large names you might recognize, such as: Netflix, FourSquare, Pinterest and many others. Amazon offers world-class security and compliance with strict standards to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.

PestPac’s hosted customers enjoy reliability and efficiency from one of the most advanced, secure and reliable platforms available.

Experience little to no downtime, feel confident that your data is secure and always have your software running quickly and efficiently with a cloud-based solution.

predictive scaling


PestPac’s architecture enables you to efficiently run your business now, as well as easily scale in the future without having to sacrifice speed. All servers utilize predictive scaling based on traffic trends and so can handle unexpected surges in demand without interrupting service.

multiple data centers


All layers of PestPac run on multiple servers within different data centers, so if anything happens to fail you won’t see any downtime while the issue is fixed - meaning your software will always be available. Backups are performed daily and are stored offsite and encrypted for extra security.

PestPac nightly backups

Disaster Recovery

In addition to live systems that run in multiple data centers throughout the day, PestPac hosted customers receive nightly backups of their data in a different location to ensure quick recovery should a disaster of any type take place.

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