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Manage Sales Opportunities in Real Time

Looking for an efficient way to manage sales opportunities in real time and give your sales team access to their prospects on the go?

PestPac’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, included with our online and hosted Enterprise Editions, gives you real-time visibility into your sales pipeline while allowing you to equip your salespeople with everything they need to manage their sales opportunities in the field from their iPad or laptop.

The Best CRM Solution for Pest Control Professionals

PestPac CRM gives you everything you need to transform leads into customers. Our CRM solution is cross-browser compatible and is fully integrated with PestPac Software. Other key benefits include:

automate recurring service

Automated Creation of Initial and Recurring Service Setup in PestPac. PestPac’s CRM module features optional auto-creation of services upon closing an opportunity as Won.

upload custom sales proposals

Upload Custom Sales Proposals and Contracts – no more paying for custom forms! Upload them into PestPac CRM with our easy to use form creator.

sales cycle

Manage Sales Cycle Workflow from the initial call to the final sale.

real time reporting for pest control companies

Accurately Measure, Monitor and Forecast Sales with real-time reporting.

increase productivity

Increase Productivity by creating standardizing sales events and procedures.

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