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PestPac Executive Dashboard

PestPac comes pre-loaded with a number of standard useful business reports. However, owners or business managers looking for a more robust reporting software solution will love PestPac’s Executive Dashboard – a feature available at no additional cost for PestPac Online Enterprise users.

PestPac Executive dashboard delivers unprecedented business intelligence by focusing on key indicators in areas of your business, such as:

technician production report

Technician Production

Quickly see overall numbers and percentages on how your organization is performing with servicing, customers and contracts through various technician production reports.

budget and revenue reports

Budget and Revenue

Set your revenue plans and get insight into how well you are growing your revenue with reports like Revenue vs. Budget, Revenue by Month and Projected Revenue vs. Budget.

sales and leads reports

Sales & Leads

Watch the progress of your lead pipeline with Lead Status, Leads by Month and Marketing ROI reports.

customer retention reports

Customer Retention

View customer retention numbers and patterns with Renewal Retention, Gain & Loss and Contract Length reports.

business statistic reports

Business Statistics

Get Daily Summary, Customer Statistics and Contract Statistic reports with overall numbers and percentages that provide you with business insight at-a-glance.

PestPac Executive Dashboard provides a whole new way of looking at your data. Simply point and click on which branches, service classes, counties, divisions, customer types, roles, technicians and salespeople to group by and display. You can also choose to view count, dollar totals or percentages.

The best part? There is no setup necessary and you can start using this intelligent reporting software right away as all of your data is automatically pulled in from your PestPac database.

PestPac testimonial

The Executive Dashboard is the most powerful management tool in the industry. It allows us to access our company’s essential reports with a touch of a button from our cell phones, iPads or computers anywhere in the world. Best of all - we don’t have to waste our office staff’s time to pull and organize our reports!"

- Justin McCauley, McCauley Services

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