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Save on Fleet Operating Costs and Increase Tech Productivity

PestPac GPS enables you to monitor vehicle location and driving conditions to help you save dollars that you may not have realized you were spending. Plus, PestPacs GPS makes vehicle tracking and dispatching a breeze.


Vehicle Tracking

View all of your active vehicles right from PestPac alongside all of your technician’s scheduled stops for each given day so you can provide accurate ETAs to your customers without having to contact technicians.



You can send job information directly from PestPac to the technician in their vehicle in just a few clicks, and keep track of job status throughout the day. Re-route your technicians to avoid congestion and decrease idling time.


Route Comparison Reporting

View scheduled versus actual start and duration times for each job. Having this vital information at-a-glance means you can quickly pinpoint any lost revenue or determine whether quotes for specific services need to be adjusted.

Promote Safety with Driver Behavior

This add-on feature for PestPac GPS improves the driving habits of your technicians by implementing a three-tiered alerting system to categorize driver violations such as:


Speeding Threshold

Activates an alert when the vehicle travels over a predetermined speed threshold.


Motion Alert

Identifies unauthorized vehicle use with instant alerts to management when vehicles are utilized outside of normal operating hours.


Posted Speed Violation

An alert will activate when the vehicle drives over the posted speed limit.


Excessive Idling, Harsh Braking,
Cornering & Acceleration

The location for any of these violations can be pin-pointed utilizing robust driver behavior reports. Harsh braking, cornering and acceleration violations alerts are activated based on a g-force triggered accelerometer within the GPS tracking device for accuracy.


Geofence Alert

Create a virtual perimeter around a specific geographic location to send a message to the appropriate company personnel when vehicles enter or exit a geofenced area.

You can even have an alert system in the vehicle to immediately make the technician aware of any violations to correct driver behavior and promote safety.

PestPac testimonial

The integrated GPS has been a great addition to our PestPac bundle of software. It has given us excellent insight and control of our fleet. The Driver Behavior Module has already begun to show us greater value."

- Todd Degennaro, Magic Pest Management

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