IPM Module for PestPac Mobile

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Manage Commercial Services with Ease

PestPac Mobile not only allows your business to more efficiently handle residential services, it also has many features and functionality for commercial services.

PestPac Mobile’s available IPM Module allows technicians to quickly and easily perform commercial inspections on their smartphone or tablet.

They can view order details, inspect areas and scan devices with ease, track pest activity and conducive actions, capture customer signatures and even e-mail the inspection report, or print it with a Bluetooth-enabled printer.

Save Time in the Office: Eliminate Double Entry

In addition to allowing your technicians to perform inspections in a more organized and efficient way, the IPM Module also saves your office staff valuable time.

Since PestPac Mobile syncs directly with PestPac, office workers no longer have to manage tedious double entry once the technician is finished with his inspection.

This allows office workers to simply review the technician’s report and continue with their day.

Make your commercial inspections more efficient with PestPac Mobile’s IPM Module.

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