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Save Time and Increase Efficiency with OptiFit Technology

PestPac RouteOp is the perfect solution to route optimization challenges for pest control companies of every size. PestPac RouteOp utilizes proprietary OptiFIT Technology to quickly produce the most efficient schedule for each of your technicians. This means you can:

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Spend Less Time

Spend less office time on scheduling your technician’s routes

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Save Money

Save money on fuel by optimizing stops

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Improve Performance

Improve customer satisfaction with better on-time performance and smaller service windows

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Improve Efficiency

Add more service orders with less resources per day to maximize efficiency

Our route optimization software is available in two packages to meet the specific needs of your pest control business.

PestPac Testimonial

We are saving 33.8% in fuel. Please, please, please don’t sell this to my competitors!"

- Kurt Rennels, Vertex Pest Solutions

RouteOp Real Time

RouteOp Real Time offers two functions to help route your resources in real-time.

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Best Fit

Find optimal appointment times for your customers immediately, without ever placing them on hold. RouteOp’s Best Fit feature quickly analyzes your set appointments and provides the best option for last minute services in seconds.

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Daily Planner

RouteOp’s OptiFIT Technology allows you to optimize each of your technician’s days as efficiently as possible. You can save time and add additional stops without having to pull in additional resources.

RouteOp Dynamic Planner

Complete your RouteOp package with this intuitive add-on feature.

RouteOp Dynamic Planner helps take your routing efficiency to the next level by allowing you to route multiple days at a time. This dynamic route redistribution enables you to take your work for the next few days, week or month and split it between less resources in the most optimal way, saving you both time and money.

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Multi-Day Scheduling

With just a simple click, RouteOp Dynamic Planner will take all of your appointments for your chosen time period and schedule them in the most efficient way. RouteOp’s smart technology respects any constraints including time blocks, technician skills, company hours and lunch breaks.

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Dynamic Route Redistribution

RouteOp’s OptiFIT Technology enables you to quickly adjust schedules if a technician takes a day or an entire week off without tapping into additional resources or over-burdening your other technicians. Plus, you can compress schedules as your company grows so you don’t have to hire new technicians as frequently.

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