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Improve Sales Performance with PestPac Sales Assistant

PestPac’s Sales Assistant Module allows you to increase your sales with either an internal script or an external “virtual salesperson” for your website.

Improve the performance of your call center or allow customers to quickly and easily schedule service right from your website with Sales Assistant’s intuitive features.

sales assistance software for pest control companies

Sales Assistant for Inside Sales Associates

The internal version of our sales software for pest control companies works as a recommendation engine that guides your sales team to ask a set of targeted, relevant questions aimed at matching your customer's’ needs with your products and services.

Create a custom script with specific questions that guide your salespeople through recommending the most relevant service offerings for each customer. Sales Assistant will even price the service, find the best schedule and route and bill the customer’s credit card in a few easy steps.

Sales Assistant benefits consist of:

easily setup customers

Significant time savings by reducing the number of clicks it takes to set up and bill customers.

reduce time

Reduce training time and increase productivity of new sales staff.

improve sales consistency

Improve sales consistency by having the entire sales team ask the same questions in the same order.

better data

Get better data by requiring key information to be gathered during the sales process.

virtual salesperson for pest control companies

Sales Assistant as a “Virtual Salesperson”

This sales software can also turn your website into a “virtual salesperson.” This customer-facing solution allows you to utilize the same recommendation logic that the internal Sales Assistant provides, but with a customize look, feel and message that is designed for self-service.

Consider it a “virtual salesperson” that is available for your customers 24/7.

Brand your Sales Assistant interface to match your company’s website and provide your customers with the tools needed to fill out the information you need and schedule an appointment based on their availability. You can even include promotional or marketing material to offer a discount and capture credit card information immediately.

Additionally, Sales Assistant can be paired with PestPac RouteOp to eliminate tedious scheduling steps and allow your customers to choose the perfect appointment time that works for them and for your technicians.

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