Unmatched Insight into Customer Satisfaction

Service Reports have helped us gain insight we didn't previously have into our top and bottom performing technicians and services. In the short time we've been using this product we've also been able to identify and save a customer who may have otherwise cancelled."

- Jim Gibbons, F&W Pest Control

Let Customers Rate Service Visits So You Can Find Problems Quickly and Improve Service Levels

Service Reports provide a quick and easy way for customers to rate individual appointments and technicians and provide a net promoter score. These reports provide valuable insight for internal use into technician and service performance and an early warning sign for customer issues. With dashboards and trend reports you can easily see how your business is performing over time. Technician leaderboards allow you to stack-rank your technicians to recognize and reward your top performers and identify those in need of additional coaching. The best part is Service Reports are fully integrated with PestPac, providing a level of convenience and visibility not available with standalone solutions.

Fully automated feedback requests by email; you control the frequency.

pest control call ahead reminder software

Text and email notification of new feedback for owner or manager.

text-to-speach call software for pest companies

Integrated support for Net Promoter Score (NPS).

schedule messages

Dashboard and trend reports to help you see how your business is performing over time.

pest control call ahead software

Technician leaderboards to help you recognize and reward your top performers, and identify those in need of more coaching.

Service Reports give you the power to generate a steady stream of actionable customer feedback to help you constantly improve your business and provide a 5-star customer experience!

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