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Manage Sales Cycles, Statuses and More with PestPac

PestPac makes it simple to set up, track and report on leads and sales. Quickly add lead details when a potential customer calls in and capture important information needed to follow up and schedule an appointment.

You can also view all of your leads, and at-a-glance be able to view which leads are still open, need action, their source, salesperson and more to ensure that you never miss following up with a potential customer.

PestPac allows you to set up sales cycles, events and statuses so you can view and track leads in their various stages to determine what actions need to be taken.

Then, view a variety of sales reports, including:

  • New sales reports
  • Sales by service
  • Sales by location
  • Lead report
  • Sales lead appointment list
  • Sales lead statistics

...and more.

You can even pull a Lead List Report to get a quick view of leads that are new, open, on hold, won, lost, etc.

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