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The Visual Route Manager has allowed us to save money on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance, consequently increasing technician productivity.”

- Sam Hagopian, Excel Pest Services

Easily Map Service Orders with Visual Route Manager

PestPac’s Visual Route Manager makes route management easier than ever. You can quickly map one-time or recurring orders and re-route a group of appointments to minimize drive time.

Visual Route Manager contains project management functionality, which allows you to work on multiple re-routing plans at the same time and even save them for future use.

Additionally, multiple users can be given access to a project. This allows for a manager or supervisor to approve the project before committing the changes back to PestPac.

Once a project is started, you can:

visual route management software

See the count, duration and dollar value associated with a route or group of jobs

route management software for pest control companies

Search by multiple criteria including technician, service, branch, location type, zip and more

PestPac visual route manager

Select a group of appointments on the map and re-assign a work date or technician

pest control software route manager

Optimize stops to reduce drive time

optimize stops

Save a project to revisit it later, or commit changes back to PestPac with a simple click

print route information

Print directions and route information

Plus, PestPac Visual Route Manager is powered by Google Maps, eliminating the need to purchase expensive mapping software. This means maps are always up to date and new neighborhoods are not an issue.

PestPac Online Enterprise customers can get started with Visual Route Manager with a minimal Google Maps API fee.

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