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4 Key Steps for Buying Pest Control Software

  • Step 1: Define Your Business Goals

  • Step 2: Review Your Current Software & Processes

  • Step 3: Evaluate and Compare Your Options

  • Step 4: Make the Right Decision

Steps to Choosing the Right Software

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, grow your business, or free up some time - your end goal should be finding a pest control software solution that drives smarter business decisions. In order to find the right solution, you’ll have to review your current software and processes, define your goals, and evaluate and compare your options.

How can the right pest control software help you make smarter business decisions?

Choosing the right pest control software is crucial to reach your end goal. This guide will help you determine whether your existing software solution (if you have one) offers everything you need to make smarter business decisions. Here are some key features to look for:

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Field Operations Capabilities

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Office Management Tools

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Sales Management Solutions

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Marketing Solutions

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Reporting Functionalities

Step 1: Define Your Business Goal

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Once you’ve completed the below exercises, you should’ve narrowed down your software options to your top-2 (or maybe even your top pick)! Once the decision has been made and you have the right software solution in place, you’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction and efficiency - allowing you to make smarter business decisions, freeing up time so you can focus on what matters most.

Promote growth

Increase profits

Keep up with the competition

Maintain control

Focus on customer service

Gain and keep customer trust

Be proactive

Improve accountability & productivity

Make data-driven decisions

Reduce expenses

Support & improve current workflows

Manage your day in real-time

  1. What are you looking to achieve?
  2. What are your top 3 requirements?
  3. Are there other solutions you’re currently using to fill some of the feature gaps?
    If “yes”, either make sure they can be tied into your new software solution through APIs or the software solution you go with has built-in features that can accomplish this (even better!)
  4. Do you have a dedicated resource to implement a new software solution?
  5. Is your staff willing to invest the time into learning a new software?
  6. What’s your budget?

Step 2: Review Your Current Software & Processes

Use the checklist below to indicate the features available in your existing pest control software.

Each check mark equals 1 point

Field Operations:

  • ❏  Mobile Application

    View job list for the day, record material usage, collect payment & customer signature
  • ❏  GPS Tracking

    View where your technicians are from a dashboard
  • ❏  Driver Behavior

    Helps reduce bad driving behaviors with alerts and driver performance reporting
  • ❏  Route Optimization

    Schedule the most efficient routes for technicians, while still honoring customer requests and constraints
  • ❏  Material Tracking

    Ability to preload chemicals for easy tracking and reporting
  • ❏  Termite Forms (WDI/WDO)

    Ability to access and fill out preloaded WDI/WDO forms from the office and mobile app
  • ❏  Barcode Scanning

    Ability to scan bait stations and Sentricon devices
  • ❏  Service Notifications

    Ability to notify customers when you’re on your way
  • ❏  Service Reports

    Request customer feedback regarding their technician and service

Field Operations Total

Office Management:

  • ❏  Schedule Work Orders

    Including one-time and recurring visits (where you can set the frequency, duration and cost of service ahead of time)
  • ❏  CRM (customer relationship management)

    Ability to manage customers, their services, payment history and more
  • ❏  Billing/Invoicing

  • ❏  Payment Plans/Autobill

  • ❏  Quickbooks Integration

  • ❏  Credit Card Processing

  • ❏  Proposals & eSignatures

    Ability to send out proposals via email & collect the customer’s signature
  • ❏  Call Center Tool

    Ability to automate service notifications, reminders and collection calls
  • ❏  Customer Notifications (text alerts, emails, etc.)

    Ability to send notifications to customers via text or email
  • ❏  Customer Portal (for your customers to pay their bill online)

    Gives your customers the ability to pay their bill online and view important documents
  • ❏  Cloud Based Solution

    Ability to access your information from anywhere - the office, your home, on-the-road

Office Management Total

Marketing & Customer Experience:

  • ❏  Lead Management/CRM (customer relationship management)

    Manage your customers and leads in one place & track campaign success
  • ❏  Marketing Automation

    Ability to create email, drip and nurture campaigns that run themselves
  • ❏  Reviews

    Automatically request customer reviews to be posted to your website, social media & other review sites
  • ❏  Service Reports

    Automatically request customer feedback about appointment satisfaction and quality of service
  • ❏  Surveys

    Create a survey on any topic to gain better insight and improve customer satisfaction

Marketing Total


  • ❏  Custom Reporting Options

    Ability to select and compare the information you want more insight into
  • ❏  Dashboard View

    Ability to view your most frequently accessed reports (charts, graphs, etc) in one place

Reporting Total

Total Points

Key to Evaluating Your Existing Pest Control Software

0 - 5 It’s time to start exploring your software options!
6 - 10 Your current software has limited capabilities. There’s no better time than now to start exploring what’s out there!
11 - 15 Your current software has some of the key features needed to maintain your business. If you’re looking to improve efficiency, grow your business or free up some time, there’s a better solution out there for you.
16 - 26 Your current software has most of the key features and functionality needed to maintain your business and meet customer expectations. But is that enough? Take a look at the features missing in the checklist above. Finding a solution that fills those gaps will help you succeed.
27 Looks like your existing software offers everything you need to reach your end goal, while exceeding customer expectations. Great job!

Review Your Current Processes

Now that you’ve evaluated your existing pest control software, take the time to meet with at least one representative from each area of your business, including a few technicians. Ask each representative to meet with their team beforehand to help identify gaps, inefficiencies and pain points. This will help you stay organized and make better use of your time when it comes to evaluating your current processes.

Pest Control Businesses by Size - Thinking Long Term
Micro, Small & Medium Businesses As you grow, make sure you choose a pest control software that grows with you. Making the switch to a new software solution every few years is a lot of work and unnecessary if you choose the right pest control software from the start. Large & Enterprise Businesses Having the ability to tie everything back to one software solution is key in seeing what works, what doesn’t, where your business is excelling and where it can use help. Choosing a software that allows you to do all of this in one place will help ensure you’re on-track to future success.

Let’s Get Down to It…

Pass along the following questions to the key representatives from each department to discuss with their team and gather feedback on:

  1. What’s working in your current role?
  2. What’s not working in your current role?
  3. Are you spending time each day/week/month completing tasks that take longer than you feel necessary?
    1. If “yes”, fill out the chart below:
What is the task?
Ie. Route planning
How often are you completing this task?
Daily, weekly, monthly
How long does it take to complete the task?
Minutes, hours, days
  1. Do you have to enter the same information in more than one place?
    1. If “yes”, fill out the chart below:
What kind of information has to be entered in more than one place?
Ie. Work orders
List all places this information has to be entered
  1. What are your top 3 biggest pain points when it comes to doing your job?

Step 3: Evaluate and Compare Your Options

Now that you’ve taken a good look at your existing pest control software and have a handle on the gaps, inefficiencies and pain points for each area of your business - it’s time to discuss how you can make smarter decisions with the right pest control software.

Before you request a demo, do some preliminary research. Evaluate their features and functionality by visiting their website, social pages and YouTube channel. Make note of their features using the checklist below and be sure to write down any uncertainties or questions you have for the sales demo. If you’re unsure about the functionality of these features and benefits, reference Step 2 (where you evaluated your existing software).

Features & Benefits Company Name Company Name Company Name
Is the solution cloud-based or on-premise?
CRM (customer relationship management)
Mobile application for technicians
GPS vehicle tracking
Driver behavior management and reporting
Route optimization
Material tracking
Termite forms (WDI/WDO)
Barcode scanning (IPM)
Service notifications
Service reports
Schedule work orders
Payment plans/autobill
Quickbooks integration
Credit card processing
Proposals and eSignatures
Call center tool
Customer notifications (text alerts, emails, etc.)
Customer portal
Lead management
Marketing automation
Service reports
Reporting Features Company Name Company Name Company Name
Custom reporting options
Dashboard view
Support and Pricing Company Name Company Name Company Name
Support - included in pricing?
Support - hours?
Support - is it outsourced?
Migration/data conversion cost
How long does it take to get started?
Onboarding - what does this consist of?
Training - what resources do you offer?
Pricing & Packages
Company Company Name Company Name Company Name
Can you provide a customer reference?
How long have you been in business?
How many employees do you have?
What separates you from the competition?
Where is my information hosted? Is it secure?

Step 4: Make the Right Decision

After you’ve completed your demos, weigh the pros and cons with your team.
Remember: The right pest control solution can essentially run every aspect of your business, in one place.

Company Name Pros Cons

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