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Case Study

Blue Star Pest Control

Case Study:

Blue Star Pest Control

Services Provided:Residential and commercial pest control services and termite control services


Areas Served:Slidell, Louisiana and surrounding towns

Why PestPac Reviews?

"I spent years evaluating different pest control solutions, but I kept coming back to PestPac. It has all the features I need in one program and I appreciate that WorkWave is continuously investing in the product."

Overcoming Business Challenges with the Right Technology

In 2003, Armando Ruiz purchased Blue Star Pest Control in Slidell, Louisiana. Armando saw great potential in the business and felt that with his background managing multiple locations for a national pest control company, he could expand and grow revenue rapidly. Coming from a corporate background, Armando understood the value of enterprise-level pest control software, but based on their budget and size at the time, he decided to get started with a self-hosted solution they could buy outright. By 2011, the company had outgrown their current technology.

PestPac has completely changed the way our office operates. We are able to handle more jobs with our existing resources, provide a higher level of service to our customers and I have a level of insight into business operations that I never had before.

The Challenge

Armando identified a few key challenges that were holding the business back from operating at optimal efficiency:

  • Paper

    Technicians traveled into the office each morning to pick-up their paper appointment list and service tickets for the day. Customer information on the paper tickets, like balance, wasn’t always the most up-to-date and frequently resulted in calls to the office.

  • Scheduling

    Even with software in place, Blue Star was still using a paper appointment book and a map to schedule jobs. It would take 10-15 minutes on average to find an appointment slot that worked for both the customer and technician.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    The technicians were constantly on the phone with the office staff confirming account information and discussing scheduling changes or questions. Employees were frustrated that all this back and forth communication took them away from focusing on customers.

Armando had evaluated PestPac and knew that it had the functionality needed to alleviate his pain points, but he wasn’t quite ready to give up his self-hosted solution and move to “the cloud”.

The Solution

A turning point came in 2015 when Armando realized his server was several years old and would need to be replaced, a significant investment. The time was right to finally implement the solution he had known for so long was a perfect fit for his business: PestPac. Blue Star purchased PestPac in early 2016 and went live that May.

The PestPac staff was very patient and knowledgeable. They offered many resources to help me become an expert in the system, and I really liked the online training classes.


Today, Blue Star Pest Control earns over 12x the annual revenue than when Armando purchased the business in 2003. As a direct result of implementing PestPac’s cloud-based solution in 2016, the company has been able to expand their territory and operate twice as efficiently, while providing better service to customers

Now I can accomplish with two employees what used to require four employees, and I recently added a territory with a remote employee over an hour away. I would not have been able to do that without PestPac.

Blue Star Pest Control's Favorite Features

PestPac RouteOp. The RouteOp Best Fit feature instantly displays optimal time slots for an appointment, so office staff can offer the customer a few options when they call, select the one that works best for them and schedule it, in just a couple of minutes without needing to put them on hold or call them back.

PestPac Mobile. The technicians now have mobile access to their schedule, up-to-theminute account information and can collect payment in the field. This has minimized back and forth with the office and they no longer need to travel to the office prior to starting their day.

Credit Card Processing. The credit card integration has helped Blue Star eliminate double entry, increase data accuracy and save time.


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