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Case Study

A 'PestPac Cloud' Success Story

WorkWave actively monitors current internet security threats and proactively updates our network and operating systems to ensure that we protect against the latest security threats.


A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

A ‘PestPac Cloud’ Success Story

The Importance of a Secure Hosting Solution

When it comes to business software, keeping your data safe should be priority #1. It only takes one security breach for your customers’ data to be compromised, which can result in a range of repercussions, from a damaged reputation to lawsuits that can put you out of business. Recently, a PestPac On-Premise customer hosting PestPac on a server in their office experienced first-hand how easy it is for hackers to access sensitive information when data is not secured properly.

After someone from their company clicked on a link from an unreputable source, hackers were able to access their server and install ransomware, which encrypted their files and made them inaccessible without payment of a “ransom” to the hackers.

Now What?

Fortunately, the PestPac team was able to work with the customer’s IT staff to execute an emergency database move to PestPac’s secure cloud-hosting solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS). While most of the customer’s data was recovered, some data was lost due to infrequent backups by the customer.

Secure, Reliable Hosting

  • Efficiently run your business and easily scale in the future without sacrificing performance or making additional hardware investments.
  • Access your data anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • No worries about data loss in the event of a local weather event or power outage.
  • Backups performed daily, stored offsite and encrypted for extra security.

PestPac Cloud will not only increase business efficiency and improve operations, it will give you peace of mind knowing your customers’ information is safe.

Want to Ensure Your Data is Secure?

Make the Switch to PestPac Cloud Today.

Taking advantage of PestPac’s secure cloud-hosting solution is the best way to ensure your customers’ information is secure and limit your business’s liability. PestPac Cloud customers enjoy reliability and efficiency from the most advanced, secure and reliable pest control software available. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is secure, plus you’ll be able to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime.

Benefits of PestPac Cloud:

Our network configuration limits access to systems only from trusted networks.

Access requires use of sophisticated encryption technologies and tools.

All network access is logged, as well as any changes made within the system and infrastructure.

We provide 24x7x365 monitoring of our hosted systems.

We have redundant security measures in place to ensure that, in the unlikely event of an intrusion, your data is safe and unaltered.

Access All of the Latest Features with PestPac Cloud

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