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Case Study

EcoChoice Termite and Pest Control, LLC

Case Study:

EcoChoice Pest Control

Founded: 2010 by Emilio Polce

Services: Termite, Pest Control, Bed Bug Work, Mechanical Exclusion, Insulation Removal, Tick and Mosquito spray service.
60% residential customers
40% commercial customers

Areas Served: Manchester, CT and surrounding areas

It has allowed me to be a dad, be the president of a company – and be effective at both. PestPac gives me the ability to do a real-time deep-dive into my business at any moment, so I can do other things and spend time with my family. That is very important to me.

The Power of Technology for Small Business Growth

How the Right Software Increased Productivity and Revenue 42% for One Pest Management Professional


Back in 2010, when Emilio Polce started his own pest control business, very few small business owners he knew were thinking of smart, connected products and automation. Many were also not considering how mobile, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) would really impact the pest management industry in the future.

But Emilio knew that in order to be able to compete with the “big guys,” his start-up business needed clever technology to deliver the kind of operational efficiencies and seamless customer service that would help him grow his business fast.


After spending 10 years working for some of the largest pest control companies, Emilio knew the value of having access to reliable, in-depth business data.

After doing some research, he discovered that he couldn’t get all of the reporting features he wanted for his own business from most of the available software solutions.

The Challenge

Emilio needed greater transparency and insight into the field on a day-to-day basis so he could better control and evaluate the performance of his technicians. He also wanted to provide them with the best tools possible so they could focus on improving customer experience and satisfaction.

The frustrations and time-drain of deviating from a planned route, wasting time if a customer wasn’t home for an appointment, needing to report back into the office for payroll, and manually reviewing inspection reports was eating into valuable service hours.

The Self-Resolution Attempt

Prior to implementing PestPac, EcoChoice was using a less robust software solution, which just wasn’t delivering the full suite of data and business insight Emilio wanted. He wanted to find a solution that could scale and grow with his business and deliver analysis and trending over time so he could really evaluate performance.

Emilio began to explore software alternatives that focused on lowering costs and included basic features, but he was looking to grow his business fast. He wanted long term data analytics that would focus on how the investment would powerfully reinforce customer engagement and tech productivity, and not just reduce costs.

Enter PestPac: The Ultimate Solution

Phase 1: Improving Customer Service

In 2011, EcoChoice implemented PestPac. All of the benefits of PestPac’s technology allowed him to grow his business’s revenue 30% year-over-year from 2011 to 2014.

Emilio gained the metrics he wanted to improve efficiency, plus the ease of account management to improve customer engagement. When customers or prospects call, email or come in via his website, Emilio simply pulls up the account in PestPac and immediately addresses their needs.

In addition to managing residential customers, PestPac has been invaluable for Emilio’s commercial customers. For example; a local food processing plant can call Emilio, and he can instantly generate a report for any given variable at the plant, or any station, and submit immediately.

Business was great! In 2014, Emilio felt that he was ready to take his business to the next level.

Exceptional service and getting it right the first time is really important to me. I live, work and play in the same schools, restaurants, hotels and neighborhoods as my customers. Without PestPac I couldn’t deliver the level of service, or productivity that’s possible for me today.

Phase 2: Getting More From Existing Resources

Emilio knew that in order to fuel the rapid business growth he was looking for he needed to make better use of the technicians he had, and their time to service.

To get more capacity with his existing resources, Emilio added PestPac’s RouteOp, Mobile and GPS solutions. Emilio felt that smart, connected devices would help make his technicians more productive, and streamline his business processes.

The investment paid off. After implementing RouteOp, PestPac’s proprietary route optimization tool, Emilio was able to increase revenue in 2015 without hiring an additional technician.

Additionally, all of his technicians are now using PestPac Mobile. He wanted to start using mobile technology in order to free up his technicians from having to report to the office every day to get their work orders. Now his technicians can start and end their day from home, allowing them to be more productive.

Using PestPac Mobile in the field eliminates a lot of paper waste, as the technicians can email inspection reports to the customer. This saves time, in addition to saving on paper costs.

Utilizing GPS in conjunction with the mobile application allows Emilio to see which technician is closest to a customer who may need same-day service. When a customer calls in for service, the office can pull up a map of vehicles alongside orders in PestPac and identify which technician is closest to the location, then add an appointment and sync it right to that technician’s mobile device

Proving the Power of Smart Technology

Emilio has set the tone and values of his company: to deliver superior product and service.

He is proud that over 97% of his customers have remained on his books since 2014.

Additionally, EcoChoice has also increased productivity by 42% without having to hire an additional technician.

By implementing PestPac’s GPS, RouteOp and Mobile solutions, Emilio can check in on the location and service notes of each vehicle or tech, and can add an appointment in real-time – it just shows up on the mobile calendar.

He can see if a service is taking longer than scheduled, or if someone is not spending enough time or providing value for a customer.

With real-time data feeding business decisions and mobile connectivity, it is possible to reschedule and re-route technicians on demand, making for a better customer experience.


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