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Case Study

Frame’s Pest Control

Case Study:

Frame’s Pest Control

Founded: 1972

Services: Termite, Wildlife, Bed Bug, Residential, Commercial

Areas Served: 60-90 mile radius around Toledo, Ohio

Our ability to grow geographically is not something we could do without PestPac.

Eliminating Growing Pains with Scalable Software

Frame’s Pest Control was founded in 1972 by Shorty and Mary Ellen Frame. Today, this second generation family-owned and operated business services a wide radius around Toledo, Ohio.

Frame’s Pest Control offers a large variety of quality pest control services for residential and commercial locations. They are affiliated with a number of well-known organizations, including the Ohio Pest Management Association, the National Pest Management Association and more.

A Growing Pain

Prior to using PestPac, Frame’s Pest Control was utilizing an outdated software solution.

They also wanted a mobile solution to help eliminate paper and streamline workflow, and they wanted a software solution that would enable them to do that seamlessly.

It was also very important for them to have software that would grow with them as their company grew. Frame’s Pest Control wanted a software solution that would allow them to adapt, adjust and take advantage of more functionality as they needed it.

Frame’s Pest Control initially heard about PestPac through fellow pest management professionals within the Ohio Pest Management Association.

Implementing the Right Tools with PestPac

Frame’s Pest Control started using PestPac in 2012 and utilizes a number of features within the software to manage their business. Among work order management, scheduling, employee and customer management, invoicing and billing and much more, they also:

Manage Sentricon services

Securely process credit cards from the office and in the field

Have technicians utilize PestPac Mobile to complete work orders from the field and eliminate paperwork

Utilize Customer Account Access, allowing their customers to easily view and pay their bill online

“We try to differentiate from the big guys by being flexible. PestPac allows us to do that because we have all of the information we need right at our fingertips,” said Gall.

Collectively, these solutions solve the major business challenges of time savings and accuracy. Utilizing PestPac has provided all of the staff at Frame’s Pest Control the ability to see exactly what’s happening with their customers at all times and get information to their technicians quickly and easily.

“There is great responsiveness from all fronts. All of these interactions allow us to be transparent, immediate, accurate and time efficient,” said Gall.

Frame’s Pest Control found it easy to work with PestPac’s representatives, both on the sales and service side.

“With another software provider, we felt like we were just a number. The PestPac team made us feel like we weren’t. The support we got up front and ever since is what really made the decision for us,” said BJ Gall, General Manager of Frames

PestPac Mobile – Saving Time in the Field and the Office

“One of the best parts of Marathon Mobile is that the communication is just so much more efficient,” said Gall.

The real-time sync between PestPac in the office and the PestPac Mobile application in the field allows for seamless connectivity between office staff and technicians.

Prior to utilizing PestPac Mobile, technicians had to call the office if they needed specific notes added to an account. They also had to call in their credit card payments, which was time-consuming and had too much room for error.

Now, technicians can securely accept credit card payments directly from the field though the app, quickly add in any important notes on accounts and move on with their appointments.

“Every call that we no longer have to take from a technician allows us to do double-duty in the office with customers,” Gall said.

PestPac Mobile offers Frame’s Pest Control even more time savings in the office. In the past, two staff members were dedicated to getting all of the next day’s work orders prepared. Now, only one staff member is needed to get this task completed - with time to spare.

From Messy and Manual Automated and Accurate

Until 2012, Frame’s Pest Control had physical charts to manage all of their accounts. The staff would use route books to write down every job and have to utilize charts, track down payments and much more.

“The payment system is now so much more precise. There are less mistakes made, and everything is much easier to find,” Gall explained.

As of 2015, with a team of five office staff members, Frame’s Pest Control has been able to grow at a rate of approximately 14% per year without having to add additional employees.

PestPac’s features, functionality and automation has saved the entire office team a minimum of five hours per day!

“The big key is that we now have the ability to grow geographically. With PestPac, we can do that overnight and it will be seamless. That type of flexibility is really going to benefit us,” said Gall.

Future Growth and Expansion

Frame’s Pest Control has exciting plans for the future. They are looking forward to growing geographically and opening new branches.

“This is not something we could do without PestPac. With this software, we can decide to open another branch and it will be seamless. That flexibility is really going to benefit us,” Gall stated.


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