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Case Study

Inspect-All Services

Case Study:

Inspect-All Services

Services Provided: Pest Control & Home Inspections

Founded: 1984

Areas Served: Atlanta, GA & Jacksonville, FL


  • 3,000% growth in past 10 years
  • University of Georgia's fastest-growing businesses list for 7 straight years
  • Inc 5000 List of America's Fastest-Growing Companies
  • PCT Magazine's List of Top 100 Largest Pest Control Companies in U.S
  • Atlanta Business Chronicle's Pacesetter Award
  • Over 3,500 verified A+ Customer Reviews

How Digital Transformation Drives Growth & Revenue

For over three decades, one of the most respected pest control and home inspection companies in the southeast, Inspect-All Services, has serviced thousands of customers in the Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL metropolitan areas. Founded in 1984 by Marty Lunsford and acquired by his sons Brian and Brandon Lunsford in 2006, Inspect-All Services continues to see significant growth year-over-year.

In 2006, the Lunsford brothers realized they needed to make a change within their business in order to facilitate growth. They reviewed their daily processes and realized that they needed to move from manually handling administrative tasks to implementing a pest control software solution that would streamline their processes. The same year that the Lunsford brothers acquired their father’s business, they implemented PestPac Software.

Growth Since Implementing PestPac:

PestPac and all of the services we have through WorkWave have helped us grow tremendously.
- Brian Lunsford, President

A Challenge at First

The Lunsford brothers’ extensive pest control experience, professionalism and dedication to customer service has allowed Inspect-All Services to become the awardwinning business it is known as today…but it didn’t happen overnight.

When Brian and Brandon took over their father’s business, they saw a need to make their daily operations more efficient as their business began to grow.

The brothers and their 4 employees were handling day-today tasks in a manual, time-consuming way:

Pick customers out of a database

Go through filing cabinets for service information

Handwrite schedules

Use mapbook to route technicians

Technicians come into the office for service order tickets

Sift through files to handle billing and payments

This allowed them to only serve about 12 customers per day.

The Road to Success

Brian and Brandon began their hunt for a pest control software solution that could help them effectively manage their business and continue to grow – without worrying about the possibility of outgrowing the software.

In 2006, Inspect-All Services implemented PestPac software into their business. PestPac offered Inspect-All Services the features and functionality needed to support long-term business growth. Inspect-All Services started by utilizing their PestPac database for client interaction, including contacting customers for appointment confirmations, invoicing and more.

This evolved into utilizing PestPac’s scheduling features to streamline management of recurring and one-time service orders.

As Inspect-All Services began to add customers and employees, they saw a need to automate their routing process. They added PestPac RouteOp and GPS, allowing them to efficiently track their technicians and route appointments in just a few clicks.

The Benefits of a Paperless Office

One of the biggest keys to moving Inspect-All Services to operating 100% digitally was the introduction of PestPac Mobile. This intuitive smartphone application allows technicians to maintain their work orders in the field using a device that’s already in their pocket.

Since implementing PestPac Mobile, the staff at InspectAll Services no longer has to sort through a filing cabinet or waste administrative time manually processing orders created in the field via paper forms. They now capture everything in real-time, digitally…saving time, paper and money.

Spending Time on What Matters Most

Instead of stressing about paperwork, missed services, managing payments and technician accountability, the Lunsford brothers now let PestPac handle the tedious daily tasks for them so they can focus on what matters most: sales, marketing and managing growth.

Even though their business has grown tremendously, the employees of Inspect-All Services, including Brian and Brandon, are able to enjoy a good work/life balance.


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