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PestPac is the best alternative to PestRoutes.
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PestPac Delivers Unrivaled
Advantages Over PestRoutes

PestPac is the pest control industry’s unrivaled solution providing PCOs with unique capabilities that give them a competitive advantage in their markets.

PestPac vs PestRoutes WorkWave PestPac

 Full Functionality

 Partial Functionality
Business Analytics and Reports
Accurate and informative financial and operational dashboards and reports that enable immediate action for impactful results.

Mobile and Commercial Functionality
Service and manage residential, commercial, and multi-unit structures including inspecting smart traps, filling out mandated forms, and taking payment in the field through one app.

Route Optimization
Intelligent route optimization tools that use proprietary routing algorithms to ensure optimal routes.

*Charge per route
Customer Payment Options
A streamlined and complete solution seamlessly integrated into PestPac to offer secure payment processing through emailed payment links, SMS payments, payments via customer portal, and in-field payment collection.

Save On Supplies
An integration with Target Specialty Products allowing you to get a 5% discount on all supplies for your pest control business.

Capterra 4 out of 5 stars rating
Software Advice 4 out of 5 stars rating
G2 4 out of 5 stars rating

We came back to PestPac from PestRoutes for a couple reasons; one, was because they weren’t able to match routing and scheduling together, and two, with PestRoutes you cannot export monthly statements and with PestPac I can."

- Sylvia Franks, Rose Pest Control


We came back to PestPac from PestRoutes for a couple reasons; one, was because they weren’t able to match routing and scheduling together, and two, with PestRoutes you cannot export monthly statements and with PestPac I can.

- Sylvia Franks, Rose Pest Control

PestPac’s customers are able to complete
21% more jobs per technician.

PestPac Features
For Your Business

Through one complete end-to-end system, pest control owners like you are empowered to increase revenue and profitability, by transforming operational processes to serve more customers - both in the office and in the field.

PestPac is a complete end-to-end solution for your pest control business. Check out some of PestPac’s features:

One Integrated Marketing Solution to Grow Your Business

Integrating marketing solutions into your pest control business engages customers, ensures optimal service, and drives sales. Automate routine marketing processes, track and manage campaign performance and generate more leads for your pest control business.

Pest control marketing dashboard

A Self-Service Engine Designed to Drive More Revenue Faster

Through one integrated solution, improve your ability to handle more inquiries, reduce the time between sending an estimate or proposal, ordering and receiving services, and enable your customer to self-service, all of which will drive more sales for your pest control company.

Pest control sales tools

Improve Operational Efficiency with Secure and Accurate Customer Information

PestPac® Pest Control Software makes handling mission-critical office management tasks easier and more accurate! Manage your business from one place, save time scheduling work orders while exceeding customer expectations, and streamline your billing to get paid faster.

Back office management pest control

Insights Your Techs Need to Service More Customers So You Earn More Revenue and Save More Money

Easy to use mobile applications that your field technicians can use to service customers efficiently, streamline communications, and even win new sales. Techs can easily view customer history, use site diagrams to identify devices to be serviced thereby eliminating time-consuming searches, as well as complete all service forms, take payment, and print reports right from the mobile app.

Pest control field mobile app

Fuel Customer Growth and Set Yourself Apart from Competition

PestPac Pest Control Business Software offers customer engagement tools that help you to offer and deliver on the services that set you apart from your competition. Transform your review process - gain visibility into customer sentiments, engage and retain customers, and use your customer’s voice to gain new sales.

Pest control customer survey collection on laptop and mobile app

Drive Business Transformation and Increased Profitability Through Reporting

PestPac’s® advanced pest control reporting tools provide you total visibility into your business and clear actionable insights to drive new revenue, operational efficiencies and impact your bottom-line. Automated dashboards and reports eliminate the time spent on creating reports by hand, analyzing key data points and identifying actions to improve every aspect of your business - from sales to service to finance.

PestPac pest control software dashboard

PestPac is a powerful PestRoutes alternative that has every feature you need to grow your pest control business.

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How can I talk with PestPac’s support team?

PestPac’s support team is available Monday to Friday 8am-8pm ET via phone at (888) 448-5197.

Our dedicated data conversion team has migrated data from many of the systems that our clients are looking to move their data from. A data analyst works with each client to identify timelines, milestones and the steps that will be taken to move your data into PestPac and validate the results.

Included with your base PestPac licenses are training and onboarding (where indicated) resources and support. These resources include:

  • WorkWave University: Our Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers a self-guided online learning experience
  • PestPac University: Live webinars which use a blend of instructional and information sessions to learn how to use PestPac and apply it to your business
  • PestPac Community: A self-service platform and knowledge base containing how-to articles and videos for setup, usage and best practices, as well as the opportunity to network with other pest control professionals.

For those looking for more in-depth support and learning, we also offer continued training and professional services, for an additional cost.


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