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Data Speed and Security Checklist

Customers trust you with their information, and you require fast and reliable access to your data. Not all software or hosting methods are created equal. Use our handy checklist to ensure your critical business data is always safe and accessible.

PestPac Cloud is hosted on an environment built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

To learn more about PestPac’s end-to-end solution visit or call 800‑992‑1423.

Credit and debit card information is stored securely

Be sure that your processor is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) compliant and be careful not to store information in any way that is not secure, like typing it into a notes field. PestPac® partners with Vantiv, one of the largest payment processors in the United States.

Internet “eavesdroppers” cannot intercept private customer data

Data transmitted across the internet should be encrypted to keep it safe from online criminals. All PestPac Cloud data transmitted is encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the same encryption used by online banks and retailers.

Potential security threats are identified and addressed expeditiously

Information security is complex, and threat mitigation strategies are constantly evolving, so be sure that you have a team actively monitoring a variety of information sources for potential security risks. For PestPac Cloud customers, weekly updates ensure that the system is always up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Data is backed up regularly and off-site

If your data is being backed up in the same physical location as your live data, it is extremely vulnerable should a natural disaster, or something as simple as a power outage, occur. PestPac Cloud data is replicated to a standby server in real time, and off-cloud nightly.

Data is quickly accessible and the system does not get overloaded

When customers call you need to be able to pull up their account and schedule service quickly and efficiently. PestPac Cloud runs at a target utilization of 25%, meaning each server can handle 4x its typical workload before running out of power. We continuously monitor utilization and can add more servers in minutes if needed.


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