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Attract & Retain Star Pest Control Technicians

Here’s What You’ll Learn

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Introduction: Hire Wisely & Treat Your Team Right
Best Practices - Recruiting
  • The job description
  • Where to find great candidates
  • Screening resumes
  • Pre-interview questions
Best Practices - Interviewing & Hiring
  • What to look for
  • What not to look for
  • Phone or in-person interview
  • Background checks
Best Practices - Retaining
  • Taking care of your team


Hire Wisely &
Treat Your Team Right

Your pest control technicians are the heartbeat of your business. They are the face of your company and face-to-face with your customers each day. The experience that your customers have with your pest control technician can be the difference between a happy, lifetime customer and an angry customer who posts a negative review on online. Simply put, your pest control technicians impact your bottom line and your company’s reputation.

In this eBook, we explore best practices for recruiting and hiring and will briefly address how to increase employee retention. You will be armed with the knowledge to hire the best pest control technicians for your growing business.

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