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Get More Reviews + Maximize Customer Feedback

...the good + the bad

Whether you’re new to requesting customer reviews or have been doing so for years - there are ways to generate more reviews and use them to your advantage. Before we can jump into how you can get more reviews and maximize customer feedback, let's make sure you understand the importance of customer reviews (both good and bad). Actively reaching out to customers (or better yet - automatically reaching out) will help you build your online presence and credibility.



of people say that a business needs a rating of 3-5 stars before they will use them, and 68% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more. - CustomerThink 2017

Making sure your business has a surplus of online reviews is critical to attract new customers. It’s also an opportunity for happy customers to become advocates for your business. What’s the best way to get more online reviews? There’s numerous ways to ask for customer feedback - many of which are manual, costly, and not effective. With hundreds to thousands of options out there - make sure you check the box on what’s most important to you.

Here’s what to look for when researching an automated customer feedback tool. It should provide the ability to:

View the most up-to-date customer rating on their account

Automatically request customer reviews via email and text after service has been completed

Showcase reviews on your website with a reviews widget

Receive alerts for new customer reviews

Provide your happy customers a way to share their review on social media


of customers consider online reviews to be just as trustworthy as personal recommendations. - 2017

It’s never a good feeling when you stumble across a negative review of your company on the web. While you may want to sweep it under the rug and do your best to forget about it - don’t.

Odds are, that review is there to stay and the best way to address it is to respond. When you respond to both negative and positive reviews, you’re showing that you’re paying attention to what your customers are saying, you take customer service seriously, and you will do everything in your power to ensure they’re satisfied.



trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. - CustomerThink 2017

Negative reviews can actually present an
to engage with customers, turning their
experience into a positive for your business.

Having all positive reviews seems great in theory, but it's not realistic. Negative reviews are bound to happen on your website, Google, Facebook, etc. - and that's ok! Potential customers will often compare the positives and negatives before reaching out for more information, so having a variety of reviews with different ratings will help them make an educated decision.

Your customers are savvy, they know that some businesses do their best to make sure only good reviews show up on their online business profiles, causing them to not fully trust those companies. If your business receives a few negative reviews - there’s no need to panic.


of customers use the internet when researching local products and services. CustomerThink 2017

Use your customers’ feedback to your advantage. Take the negative reviews seriously and do something about it. Responding to customers is great, but look for a way to solve the issues or concerns.

Odds are, you’ll notice some trends (good + bad). Take the good feedback and keep doing what you’re doing! Let your customers know you’re an awesome company and take the opportunity to highlight where you excel as a business (website, social media, paid ads, etc.) Take the bad reviews as somewhat of a challenge - use this information to make yourself, your business, your employees, and the services you provide better.

You’re not going to be the best at everything - but with the help of an automated customer feedback tool, you’ll be able to generate

Recommendations to
Collect More Reviews

Automate your review collection process

Train your technicians to ask for reviews once service is complete

Offer an incentive to technicians for collecting reviews for your business

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your reviews with the help of PestPac?

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