PestPac Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

A single repository housing all inspection details enables the reporting and tracking that your customers need to ensure their integrated pest management plan.

Pest Data Dashboard

Easier, Accurate and Consistent
Inspection Recording

View order details, inspect all areas, scan devices, track pest activity and document all actions right from your mobile device. Provide reports that identify the pesticides and other materials used to ensure alignment with your customers integrated pest management goals.

All Your Inspection Findings in One Place

Complete detailed inspection information, including area-specific material applications, device inspections, and deficiency conditions and actions no matter where you are. The inspection information for each area will then be noted for reporting and tracking purposes.

Expand Location Detail to Include Areas, Subareas, and Devices

  • Add areas and subareas. Define “parent areas” to create a tree like structure
  • Create and associate devices with specific areas
Location pest data dashboard
Inspection reporting for pest control

Customize Technician Inspection Reporting Fields For Your Business

  • Pre-populated choices for materials, pest findings and conditions make it easy to record the visit
  • Grouping of materials make it easy to track multiple items within a category

Record Inspection Results

Inspection results for pest control
  • Easily identify, open, and manage conditions and recommendations
  • Quickly record materials used within a selected area, including material application information
  • Track and document pest activity, including photos, videos, and notes, while on site
  • Track newly added or removed devices in the app or scan barcodes for automatic tracking

Integrated Smart Traps

  • Gather data from 50-100 feet away, supporting contactless service needs and protecting both clients and technicians
  • Eliminate manual input by automatically syncing and recording rodent activity
  • Use rodent activity details to recommend and deploy rodent control measures where they matter most
  • Access via Bluetooth technology from mobile devices

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