Lead Management

Manage all your leads in one place. Track, manage and optimize your sales and marketing teams using key performance metrics.

Lead management dashboard in pest control software

Generate More Leads and
close more sales

From initial contact to post-sale follow-up, PestPac delivers a powerful lead management and sales engagement solution that makes sense for the way you do business. The insight and visibility gained through our unique features, designed specifically for the pest industry, will help you organize leads and respond to the needs of potential customers quickly and effectively to close more deals.

Track and Optimize Leads Through
Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Gain valuable insight into every dollar you spend.

WorkWave PestPac Lead Management Features

Integrated marketing and sales funnel management

Manage and get a comprehensive view of all your leads in one place

Track the complete lead generation history from origination through assignment to processing and close

Track and optimize your sales teams with comprehensive metrics

Track big picture metrics, such as new versus repeat customers, residential versus commercial orders, etc.

Track key marketing metrics including cost per lead, customer acquisition costs, and ROI

Track key sales metrics including total order volume, total order value, and close rates

Organize leads and respond quickly to win more accounts

Create rules to automatically match and assign leads to the proper team members and workflows

Easily access proposals and supporting details for new leads

Create different workflows for different types of leads

Gain Visibility Into Every Single Lead in Your Sales Funnel

Define the sales funnel and associated stages

Track lead counts and estimated order value by stage

View percentage contribution of leads in each stage

Identify and resolve bottlenecks to improve close rates

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