Online Sales

Convert pest control customer inquiries into sales. Your office may not be open 24 hours a day, but your unmanned, online sales department can be.

PestPac Online Sales dashboard

More Consistency.
More Sales

Provide prospects and customers the ability to order and schedule services, get estimates and setup payment information on their schedule without ever speaking to your office.

Improve Response and Customer Satisfaction

Ensure an efficient, consistent and fast response to customer needs through internal standardized sales scripts and external self-service capabilities.

Step by Step Wizard Provides Internal Processes

  • Guide staff members through a set of qualifying questions to diagnose customer pest problems
  • Help new employees quickly adopt your sales process and present services in the best light possible
Online sales step by step wizard
Online sales customized responses

Customized Responses

  • Position your company and its employees as professional experts in the pest control field
  • Eliminate guessing and quickly match customers with the right services from a list of appropriate options
  • Quickly qualify customers and offer solutions

Simplified Order-Taking

Online sales order taking
  • Fulfill orders immediately
  • Collect billing information and process credit cards with ease
  • Set-up recurring services and billing
Online sales appointment setup

Automatic Appointment Set-Up

  • Set service dates with at-a-glance schedule tools that link to all aspects of your sales funnel
  • Take advantage of Best Fit through RouteOp to schedule appointments in a way that maximizes your resources and saves valuable time


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Key Approaches to Pest Control Sales

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