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Field Operations

Field Insights from Pest Control Business Software

More Field Visibility

Whether your technicians are on a routine pest control maintenance appointment or it’s a first time service, requesting customer feedback after every appointment can help you stay connected to your customers and ensure customer satisfaction. You’ll find out if a customer is unhappy with a service or technician so you can correct it before it becomes a bigger issue.

All data collected by automated customer and service reviews are consolidated into PestPac® so from one login you can run reports to see which customers are most satisfied with your services, which technicians meet customer expectations, and which services, technicians or customers are costing you too much money and time.

Better Service Levels

Find out about and resolve problems the moment they arise

Provide customers with a fast response to any issues

Get customer ratings on your technicians in the field

Proactively, automatically request feedback so customers direct it to you rather than social media sites

Our pest control business software makes it easy for your customers to provide feedback on any device, including smartphones and tablets so you’ll get a faster response and can more easily track customer trends and service reports over time.

Better Business Performance

Your technicians are the face of your business in the field and the more customer feedback you can collect, the more you’ll learn about your business performance. Service Reports integrate with your PestPac pest control business software and business reviews so in addition to running your business more efficiently you can leverage the positive reviews instantly to help win more business, and take action on the negative feedback to turn around an unhappy client or poorly performing technician.

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Instant access to daily appointments, service and account information

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Time in/time out of orders

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Add photos, diagrams and edit account information

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Record material usage

Better Insight

You want your customers to stay with you regardless of the competition. Our automated service report collection is mobile friendly and will immediately send an email and/or text alert when there’s a new service report so you can be sure to stay in control of your business performance. With Net Promoter Score (NPS) collection and reporting you can measure customer satisfaction over time and compare your business to your competitors.

With PestPac’s end-to-end pest control business software, it’s all in one place. Improving your customer experience can help you grow, can help spread the word on your business and provide you with invaluable insight so that you can position your company to stay ahead of the competition.

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