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PestPac Inventory

Intelligent Material Inventory Management.

PestPac® Inventory management ensures you maintain optimal inventory, without waste or running out of needed materials. Managing materials and storage is a critical function controlling operating costs. PestPac Inventory gives you an accurate count of your inventory, location and use, to ensure your technicians have the right materials in the right quantities and show up to each job prepared on the first call.

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Track and Transfer Materials

  • Import new materials directly into PestPac using the .csv spreadsheet provided by your distributor
  • Track quantity and costs of materials received
  • Transfer materials from distributors to a warehouse or to your technician
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Reconcile & Reorder

  • Easily reconcile your inventory across multiple locations directly within PestPac
  • Set-up your custom “Re-order Threshold” on materials and receive a warning when the warehouse or a technician is low
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Report & Analysis

  • Export financials into any GL package for accurate billing and financial analysis
  • Run real-time reports on all of your inventory locations and get an accurate count so you can maintain optimal efficiency and use data to plan and predict future use
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Improve technician success

PestPac Inventory will monitor materials used and send an alert when your warehouse or technician is running low on materials. You set up “Re-order Threshold” based on projected inventory usage and history - so your technicians never run low on the products they use most. PestPac Inventory is easily accessible to make sure your technicians have the supplies they need for the job at time of dispatch.

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More control and visibility

PestPac Inventory will automatically convert between units of measure used by your warehouse, tech and state reports so you can easily track quantity and costs of materials received, stored and used. Not all pest control software programs have the scope of capability of PestPac Inventory. Whether you’re tracking materials from distributor to warehouse to your technician’s trucks, you can quickly reconcile your inventory directly within PestPac.

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Better planning

Smart inventory planning helps you stay on top of business operations costs. PestPac Inventory has a wealth of reports to help you identify the health of your inventory. More insight into cost vs. production, or planned vs. technician usage is actionable data to help make more informed and cost-effective business decisions. Your inventory data is integrated across multiple locations and you can drill down to see specific areas in more detail. Reports include: Inventory On-Hand, Cost vs. Production, Projected Inventory Usage, Reconciliation / Variance, Transfer History, Technician Usage vs. Planned Usage.

Reduce overhead costs

PestPac Inventory helps you identify cost-effective materials that make the most business sense for your company. You only order, store and keep what your technicians need and what your customers like you to use. Eliminate unused materials or out-of-date chemicals by ensuring a more accurate projected inventory use based on accessible data history. The more data PestPac Inventory collects, the more powerful business tool it will become to help you manage operations costs, ensure correct billing and reduce wasted time and wasted inventory.

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