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PestPac Multi-Unit Module

More Control. Flexibility. Insight.

PestPac® Multi-Unit module helps you manage jobs in multi-unit buildings making tracking services, scheduling follow-up treatments and pest management compliance faster and easier.

Pest control in multi-unit buildings can be a daunting task. With the PestPac Multi-Unit module you get pest software designed specifically to easily set-up buildings, areas and individual units. The sophisticated reporting lets you drill down to accurately monitor multiple areas and track devices, incidents and treatment.

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Set-up buildings and units easily

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Add devices and areas within units

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Run reports on device, area or pest activity

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Quickly and easily add multiple areas in one step

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Create automated follow-up services or tasks for bed bug and other pest treatments

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Generate detailed per-unit inspection, condition and pest-finding reports

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Track individual unit service and tenant communication

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Easily manage jobs in multiunit buildings

PestPac Multi-Unit module helps you provide and track services for commercial or residential multi-unit buildings such as apartments, condominiums, college dorms, hotels and hospitals. With everything in one place you can more easily identify risk, track services and tenant communication for each unit.

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Monitor and automate follow-up services

Save time and hassle by setting up automated follow up services or tasks for bed bug treatments and other pest services. PestPac Multi-Unit module easily tracks multiple areas and devices in each unit.

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Detailed inspection reports for compliance

PestPac Multi-Unit module is setup to provide you and your clients with detailed and accurate reporting on all pest management activity, treatments and chemicals used throughout multi-unit buildings. Reports can be defined per unit inspection, device or geographic area.

PestPac Customer Portal Integration

Managers of multi-unit buildings are under stress. When you give your client a unique login to PestPac Customer Portal they can instantly access the reports they want, request a service, view their service history or ask a question. It helps you provide the highest level of customer service and customers are happy to be able to quickly resolve their issue. Your clients will be able to view geographical device and trend reports, material application details and deficiency reporting, plus the upcoming service schedule. It helps build better communication and customer engagement - and reduce calls into your office for information your client can find faster online themselves.

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