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PestPac New Menu Structure

PestPac’s menu has been completely redesigned to be more intuitive; making it easier for you to train staff, navigate the program, and locate new features. This release is planned for the evening of September 13, 2017.

What's New?

  • Modernized Menu Structure: PestPac’s existing drop-down menus have been condensed into a fly-out menu at the upper left corner of the screen and a drop-down menu that displays the logged-in user has been added to the top right of the screen.
  • Menu Item Categories: Menu options are now grouped together in easy-to-understand categories.
  • Quick Search Enhancements (Coming Soon!): Quick Search now searches as you type, and returns results across Locations, Service Orders, Invoices, Contacts, and more.
  • Brand New Analytics Dashboard: You can now display our new analytics dashboard or a custom Report Writer dashboard as your homepage in PestPac by selecting this option in your profile.
  • Collapsable Quick Links: You can choose to expand or collapse the left-navigation Quick Links. Your preference will be remembered the next time you log in.
  • Advanced Search Page: An Advanced Search is now available which consolidates all search options previously accessed from separate pages. If you have Location Search as your home screen, Advanced Search will be your new default, or it can be accessed using the link at the left of the screen.
  • Info Center: A new icon will appear at the bottom right of PestPac which will allow you to access What's New content as well as training guides.

Looking for something?

Below you’ll find the existing PestPac menus to the left and where each item moved in the new menu to the right.


Menu > Settings > Company Setup

Menu > Settings > Lookup Tables

Menu > Settings > Printer/Email Setup

Menu > Settings > System Date


Menu > Service & Scheduling > Generate Service Order


Menu > Billing > Generate Finance Charges

Menu > Billing > Consolidate Invoices

Menu > Billing > Release Credit Card Billing

Menu > Billing > Release GL Batch

Menu > Billing > Close Period


All search options formerly located under the Customer menu can now be accessed using the Quick Search and Advanced Search


Menu > Sales & Marketing > Marketing Lists


Menu > Field Ops > Mobile Order Management

Menu > Field Ops > Technician Location Lists


Menu > Billing > Post Service Order

Menu > Billing > Enter Payments

Menu > Billing > Reverse Payment

Menu > Billing > Create Credit Card Memo

Menu > Billing > Apply Credits

Menu > Billing > Adjustments

Menu > Billing > View/Void Invoice


Menu > Service & Scheduling > Appointment Mover

Menu > Service & Scheduling > Appointment Scheduler


Admin (top right of screen) > Profile

Sales & Marketing

Menu > Sales & Marketing > Lead Management

Menu > Sales & Marketing > Marketing Automation

Menu > Sales & Marketing > Reviews

Menu > Sales & Marketing > Service Reports

Menu > Sales & Marketing > Surveys

Menu > Sales & Marketing > Lists


Menu > Reports > All Reports

Menu > Reports > Executive Dashboard

Menu > Reports > Report Writer

Menu > Reports > Report Gallery

Log Out

Admin (top right of screen) > Log Out


Admin (top right of screen) > Announcements


‘Graduation Cap icon’ (top right of screen) > Training Documents

Support, Community and Help

‘?’ (top right of screen) > Support

‘?’ (top right of screen) > Community

‘?’ (top right of screen) > Help For This Page

Left Navigation

(Left Navigation Menu) > ‘Search Box’

Quick Search remains in the new left navigation and has been enhanced to not only search fields on Locations, but also Service Orders, Invoices, Contacts, and more. The Location Search screen remains a default home page option and can be accessed from the new Search menu.

Left Navigation

(Left Navigation Menu) > ‘+ Customer’ button

(Left Navigation Menu) > Quick Links > Calls

(Left Navigation Menu) > Quick Links > Leads

(Left Navigation Menu) > Quick Links > Tasks

(Left Navigation Menu) > Quick Links > PestPac Today

(Left Navigation Menu) > Location History

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