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Office Management

Pest Control Management Software for Collections

Timely Payments

From your mobile or desktop, you can ensure accurate invoices are sent, reminders go out automatically, and bill paying is easier and faster for your clients. When it comes to pest control billing software, PestPac’s® cloud-based solution is the leader. You have all the information you need in one place. It’s a holistic solution to help you manage your business and streamline accounting tasks.

When it comes to ensuring a healthy cash flow, getting your customers to pay on-time is crucial. Late payments are a major barrier to a healthy cash flow and can hold back business growth even when you may be in high demand and busy. A healthy cash-flow means you can pay your employees and buy the equipment you need.

Easier Payments

Once a work order is closed, you can automate a personalized email, printed letter or invoice, letting them know the job is complete. Clients pay faster when completed work is fresh in their mind and the value of the expense is higher. It’s important to reduce the time delay between work completed and invoiced. Additionally you can set up payment plans and credit card autobill to increase convenience for your customers and increase the probability that you will get paid.

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Accurate invoices reduce client confusion over work done

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Secure online credit card and ACH payment processing makes is easier and faster for customers to pay their bill online

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Auto-bill customers to ensure on-time payment

Improved Collection

With PestPac, you can better recover past-due accounts and improve your collection efforts with a more focused billing and collection strategy. PestPac accounting tools help you keep track of all past due accounts, quickly view and send out past due notices, auto-bill clients and provide customer portal access for customers to pay their bill online. Analyzing accounting data in our pest control management software can help you identify the clients that are most profitable for your business, and help you let go of late-paying customers that negatively affect your business success.

Quickly view all past-due accounts and create call lists

Use the collections manager to easily move accounts through various collection stages

Export past-due accounts to our approved collections partner

Identify most profitable customers, services and technicians

Less Stress

When all your accounting information is accessible in PestPac, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips whenever a customer calls with a question on their account. It’s easy to access accounts, enter and reverse payments, apply credits or any adjustments, void invoices and offer discounts or incentives. You can make adjustments to an invoice in real-time and then re-submit via email or print and send immediately. There’s a thorough and detailed electronic audit trail, all in one place, and with PestPac you know that the information is accurate in real-time. A focused and streamlined accounting process helps you get payments more quickly, and reduces the stress of keeping on top of past-due accounts.

Improve Your Accounting Capabilities

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