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All of Your Sales Information in One Place

From initial contact to post-sale follow-up, PestPac’s® Pest Control Management software will change the way you manage prospects, communicate and close. When the sales process becomes streamlined, companies large and small deliver a better customer experience, boosting growth and profitability. In-house team members and service technicians work more efficiently, saving time and money.

PestPac includes the tools you need to take sales further with an all-in-one solution that’s designed specifically for your industry. Each feature is synchronized, allowing information to stay organized and easily accessible throughout the sales process. Winning new accounts and retaining current clients has never been easier.

Call Center Solutions

New reps and seasoned professionals benefit from our call center solution that helps them present professionally and on-message when talking to clients and prospects. Step-by-step wizards and easy order-taking modules ensure customer requests are understood and the right information is gathered before appointments are set.

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Lead Dashboard

Get a big-picture view of exactly what’s going on in your sales department—everything from initial contact with potential customers to proposals, through closing and beyond. It’s all mapped out for you via PestPac’s Lead Dashboard with easy access to detailed snapshots as you need them.

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Lead Management

Grabbing and funneling leads to the right place doesn’t need to be a challenge! PestPac’s Lead Management solution makes it easy to organize leads and respond quickly to win more accounts. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with lead capture and tracking, automated lead assignment, campaign tracking, proposals and reporting at your fingertips.

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Online Sales Tools

Gain a competitive edge with online sales tools that allow you to handle more inquiries, respond after-hours and communicate through various methods and channels. We can help you implement it all; including virtual sales person, instant price quotes, online ordering, online scheduling and more.

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Performance Reporting

Tracking performance allows you to better understand what’s working and what isn’t so that you can respond accordingly. The PestPac solution provides everything you need to track and assign leads before making sure they’re processed quickly and followed through to completion.

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Proposal Tools

With PestPac’s Proposal tools you’ll easily create, send and obtain more proposal sign-offs. Templates include what you need to get started and plenty of options to customize the right presentation for your clients. With proposals all in one place, you’ll easily track and manage exactly what’s going on with each and every one of them.

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Proposal Tools

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