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Advanced Lead Tracking Dashboard

Better Snapshots. More Accessibility.

Your customers and staff will benefit when leads and related information are organized and easily accessed all from one place. PestPac’s® incredible solution is designed to give PMP’s the big picture information they need at a glance, as well as detailed snapshots of exactly how their businesses are performing.

From initial contact with a potential customer to proposal and through to close, all tasks are mapped and accounted for—leaving little room for anything to slip through the cracks. Set parameters to fit the way your organization works and zero-in on any lead at any time to know exactly where things stand. What more could you ask for? Here are some specifics:

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Lead Assignment

  • Automatically match and assign pest control leads to the proper team members using attributes such as location, requested service, estimated order value, etc
  • Ensure leads are immediately followed up on by the right reps and set alerts for when too much time has passed
  • Create multiple cascading assignment rules and use them to automate lead assignment
  • View pending action items for every lead generated with visual alerts for past-due tasks
  • Easily access proposals for company leads along with supporting details

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Sales Funnel Management

Gain top-to-bottom visibility of every single lead in your sales funnel

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Lead History Tracking

Track the complete lead generation history from origination through assignment to processing and close

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Heat Maps

Visually identify which locations are producing the most

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