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PestPac Lead Management

Close the loop between the lead generation and service
fulfillment operations.

PestPac® lead management software helps you manage leads more efficiently and track every new service back to its original lead source and marketing dollar spend. You get ultimate visibility into your marketing ROI by closing the lead to revenue loop - helping you make more informed marketing decisions that deliver more high quality leads at the lowest cost.

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Sophisticated campaign management - all your marketing and lead generation campaigns in one place

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Create and manage custom lead capture forms for your website

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Track every lead back to its source

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Create and manage custom lead capture forms for your website

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Sales Automation - automate your lead assignment and lead processing workflows to make sure every lead is handled by the right person in the right way at the right time

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Sales Funnel Management - gain top-to-bottom visibility of every single lead in your sales funnel

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Data Visualization - use heat maps to visually identify which locations are producing the most and least leads and sales

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Create customized proposals unique to your services and collect electronic signatures direct from PestPac

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ROI analysis that breaks down the cost of conversion for each lead and campaign

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Faster lead follow-up

Save time accessing information by capturing all leads into one place. Whether it’s an inbound phone call to the office, a lead entry from a technician in the field, an email or online web form submission, every lead is captured with consistent data making follow-up hassle free. You can assign leads to the right person for follow up, directly send a technician for service and close, or schedule an appointment and confirm.

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Increase sales and marketing productivity

With PestPac lead management software you gain top to bottom visibility of every lead in your sales funnel. Easily view real-time reports to track, manage and optimize performance of individual sales reps or teams, and analyze trends over time. Identify which campaigns are most valuable for lead conversion, find out at which stage in the sales process you may be losing leads, and which sales reps aren’t meeting expectations.

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Maximize ROI

Stop wasting time on marketing campaigns that don’t deliver qualified and quality leads most likely to convert. The dashboard gives you a fast and clear visualization of your key performance metrics so you can quickly identify which locations, campaigns and sales reps are producing the most (and least) leads and sales, and opt to send your marketing budget where it proves to deliver the best results for your business.

Results you can expect:

No double-entry; PestPac lead management integrates seamlessly with your customer data

Start using PestPac lead management in hours, not days

Optimized for use in the office or mobile


Introducing PestPac Lead Management

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