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Robust, Easy-to-Use Lead Management

More Leads. More Sales.

Designed specifically for Pest Control Professionals like you, PestPac® delivers a powerful lead management solution that makes sense for the way you do business. The insight and visibility gained through our unique combination of tools and features, designed specifically for the pest industry, will help you organize leads and respond to the needs of potential customers quickly and effectively to close more deals.

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Track and Optimize

  • Marketing campaign performance- through metrics including cost-per-lead, acquisition cost, conversion rate and ROI
  • Sales team performance - through metrics like close rate, total order value and count, and sales vs. quota
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All your leads, in one place

  • View every lead from every source, right from PestPac
  • Track leads through every stage of the sales funnel, close the lead-to-revenue loop
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No double entry, no third party integrations

  • Full insight and visibility into sales and marketing performance right from PestPac
  • No clunky integrations or duplicate data entry to worry about

More Insight

Lead Management Dashboard

Designed with big-picture strategy in mind, Lead Management Dashboard provides important insight with customized snapshots of key sales and marketing performance metrics that allow you to analyze trends over time. Track what matters most to you, including metrics like:

New vs. repeat pest customers

Ratio of commercial and residential jobs


Customer acquisition cost

Return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns

Total order count or value

Close rate

Campaign Management

Gain executive level understanding of which marketing campaigns work and which don’t. Campaign Management delivers one-stop track and manage features for all of your lead generation and marketing efforts.

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Create and edit marketing and lead generation campaigns

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Group campaigns by source type

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Track campaign costs; create multiple campaigns to track shifting costs over time

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Assign unique tracking URLs and phone numbers to each campaign

Lead Capture and Tracking

With easy-to-create unique URLs and phone numbers you can track every lead back to a specific marketing source, so you know how all of your campaigns are performing and you can better utilize your marketing budget.

Sales Automation and Lead Assignment

Model and automate your lead qualification and workflow processes to ensure that the right team members are matched with the right leads and they are worked the right way. Automatically distribute leads based on any combination of attributes like service location, estimated order value, timeframe and get email or text alerts to ensure no leads “fall through the cracks”.

Lead Dashboard and Sales Funnel Management

Gain top-to-bottom visibility of every single lead in your sales funnel while you track and manage key tasks accordingly. Multiple views give you insights based on specific filters you can set and save for future use. Switch from various tabs to view lead funnel, lead list, tasks and proposal view.

Sales Funnel Icon

Sales funnel view gives you the lead count and value for each stage in your funnel, including New, Qualified and Closed Won or Lost

Step By Step Icon

List view gives you visibility into all your leads in a tabular list

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Task view allows you to see every pending task with visual alerts for past-due tasks

Proposal Icon

Proposal view shows you every active proposal for your leads

Heatmap Icon

Plot all of your leads and sales on a Heat Map so you can see which locations produce the most (and least) leads and sales


Generate compelling pest control proposals that sell your services and organize correspondences all in one place.

Quickly and easily customize branded proposals

Automatically populate account and company fields from information in PestPac

Create multiple proposals for specific leads, including applicable services and materials

Select applicable pre-formatted terms and conditions

Integrated approval management
and e-signatures

Performance Reporting

With accurate and detailed easy-to-run reports on Sales and Marketing performance, you’ll better optimize success across your organization.

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Track performance metrics including cost per lead (CPL), conversion rates, customer acquisition costs (CAC), return on investment (ROI), total order count, total order value, close rates and performance against quota

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Rank and compare sales reps, sales regions, marketing campaigns and more to identify what’s working and what isn’t

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Filter reports using any combination of attributes and save filter selections for future use

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Use PestPac’s unique Heat Maps to plot leads on an interactive map and visually identify top producing locations and those in need of improvement

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