Customer Surveys

540 degree feedback, all the time, to help you improve your business, technicians, and gain more leads.

More Feedback. More Insight.
Top-notch service.

To keep a pulse on the services you provide, and the technicians that provide it, PestPac provides your business with the tools to receive actionable customer feedback. Survey your customers as soon as service is completed or generate a survey once a quarter or once a year to learn what you and your technicians are doing well and where there can be improvement.

Improve Your Customers’ Experiences and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Easily create automated surveys after service is complete or customer surveys on virtually any topic and gain valuable insight into the market, your customers, and your business.

WorkWave PestPac Lead Management Features

Automatically query customers once services are complete

Feedback can be provided using desktops, smartphones, or tablets

Receive instant notification of negative feedback

Gather customers ratings segmented by branch, technician, and service

Collect NPS scores to identify advocates and detractors of your business

Organize and analyze results to track trends over time

Spot unhappy customers before they leave

Identify top and bottom performers who are in need of additional training and guidance

Pinpoint the services that are exceeding customer expectations, and which are falling short

Templates simplify creation

Quickly conduct polls on-the-fly or schedule future sends

Distribute to segmented customer lists or any list of email contacts

Find out why you did or did not win the business

Keep track of service cancellation reasons and frequency

Learn what they like best about your pest control company, so you can do more of it

Learn what they like least about your pest control company, so you can fix it

Track where customers hear about you and the best channels for reaching them

Ask clients what services they are specifically looking for

Poll customers on how they feel about your price/value

Gain insight on your strengths and weaknesses—as perceived by your customers and compared to others offering similar services

Identify how many open and respond to your surveys and how many don’t

View individual survey responses or aggregate data

Integrate survey responses/results into PestPac to view everything in one place


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