PestPac Release

Technology and Platform Updates

PestPac Release Schedule:

The PestPac Release schedule is as follows:

  • Bug fixes every 2 weeks
  • Feature releases every 2 weeks

Review the Release Notes to learn more about each release.

PCI and SOC-1 Compliance

SOC-1 (System and Organization Controls Report) is an industry-standard report on the controls in place at a service organization that are relevant to internal control over systems that support financial reporting. The report assesses the controls WorkWave has in place to control the integrity of PestPac, a system that includes significant financial reporting features and capabilities.

Our larger customers rely on WorkWave’s guarantee of effective controls through SOC-1 certification so they can be sure that the financial data that feeds into the financial reports they produce as a publicly traded company are accurate, free from error due to malicious activity within the PestPac production environment and are reliable due to effective change management and user access control procedures.

Additionally, If your company stores, processes, or transmits credit card data, you are required to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

More information about SOC-1 is available on the SSAE-16 website, and information on PCI is available on the PCI Security Standards website.

Below are a few examples of how PestPac stays up to date with these guidelines:

PestPac Mobile

  • Account Lockout: Login security has been enhanced for Mobile 3. If an account has five failed login attempts, the user will be given a forced 15-minute cool-off where they will be unable to attempt any more logins. Users who hit the five-attempt cap can either wait 15 minutes or complete the reset password process to gain additional login attempts. Messages will display on screen for login attempts and cool-off time.


  • Security Settings: Enhanced security settings allow admins to:

    • Enforce password behavior, including password lockouts and expiration.
    • Set the number of failed attempts before logout and the amount of time needed between attempts.
    • Set the length of time before an inactive user is logged out.
    • Reset all settings to defaults.

Supported Browsers, OS and Devices:

As PestPac software continues to evolve and become more secure, we will continue to update our recommended browsers, OS and mobile devices.

PestPac Desktop

Supported Desktop Operating Systems:

  • Current Windows OS and one version back
  • Current MacOS and one version back

Desktop Supported Browsers:

WorkWave tests and supports only the latest release of the following browsers. Please ensure you are using the latest version of the browser prior to contacting support with any issues.

  • Latest Chrome (Windows and Mac)
  • Latest Firefox (Windows and Mac)
  • Latest Safari (Mac only)
  • Latest Edge (Windows)

Desktop Screen Resolution:

  • Recommended: 1920 x 1080
  • Minimum: 1366 x 768

PestPac Mobile App

Supported Mobile Operating Systems:

  • Latest iOS plus two prior versions
  • Latest Android plus two prior versions

Supported Mobile Devices:

  • iPhone: Latest iOS version and 2 back
  • Latest Android version and 2 back
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer
  • Google Pixel 5 and newer

Supported Third-Party Devices:

  • Socket Scanner S700 & S800 series
  • Zebra TC-55 and TC-56
  • Corteva Dow Detector
  • Bell Smart Sensing Technology
  • EVO Ambush
  • EVO Express
  • Trapper T-Rex
  • Trapper 24/7
  • Brother Printer
  • Brother PocketJet 663/763 for Android devices - This printer uses Bluetooth.
  • Brother PocketJet 673/773 for iOS devices - This printer uses a WiFi connection

PestPac Desktop on the iPad

Supported in the following limited areas:

  • CustomerConnect on the iPad (latest iOS plus two prior versions, using Chrome)
  • Online Sales on the iPad (latest iOS plus two prior versions, using Chrome)

Recommended Connection Speeds

To ensure fast downloads for any individual user/transaction/page load, WorkWave recommends a minimum of a 25Mbps connection and an average of 1-1.5Mpbs per user for user counts beyond 50. Additional needs may change as user counts exceed 100+ users.

Retired Products:

In order to adhere to PCI and SOC compliance standards, the following products have reached their end-of-life and have been transitioned.

  • Classic Mobile transitioned to “PestPac Mobile 3”
  • Mobile 2 transitioned to “PestPac Mobile 3”
  • Customer Account Access transitioned to “CustomerConnect”
  • Premier Portal transitioned to “CustomerConnect+”
  • Sales Assistant transitioned to new “Online Sales”
  • Retired MapPoint VRM to Current VRM
  • Logit transitioned to Logbook