Get the Most Out of PestPac

Our Professional Services team is here to help ensure you’re utilizing PestPac to the fullest.

Start With a Free Consultation

Set time for a PestPac specialist to get to know the specifics of your pest control operations and workflows. We’ll provide recommendations on how you can make sure PestPac is set up to maximize your productivity and efficiency, ensure that you’re taking full advantage of all the software has to offer and determine how we can help you do even more in PestPac.

Maximizing the Value of PestPac
Training New Employees and Refresher Courses

Do you have new employees that need to be trained? Could your existing team use a refresher? This series of sessions is ideal if you have new team members or could use a refresher course for the basics of PestPac or any of your PestPac modules.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Setup

Are you confused by all the options in Company Setup? Have questions about the optimal configuration of your Lookup Tables or how this information is used? During these sessions, we will have one of our PestPac subject matter experts work together with your team to review and optimize your setup.

Is My Organization Set Up Well to Take Full Advantage of PestPac?

When was the last time you looked at your overall workflows and processes as a whole? Does your organization have the right people to play each of the roles needed? As your company grows, services get added and employees change roles, it can sometimes seem impossible to make sure everything is working well together — until now! Partner with one of our industry experts to review your current processes, from when a customer first learns about your business all the way through to how they schedule a new service, get billed and more to ensure your teams are working smarter — not harder — utilizing PestPac.

Optimizing Your Selling
Improve Your Sales Process

Do you have any idea what sales opportunities are in your pipeline, or what you can expect to close in the next 30 days? Do you feel that your sales process is unique and you aren’t sure how to track your sales processes in PestPac? Would you like to make sure that you are optimally managing your sales process using PestPac? Our team will review your sales process and help your team to best represent it in PestPac.

Commission Configuration and Reporting

Are you having trouble with commission tracking? Our consultants can help you map your current commission structure into PestPac and so that you can properly pay commissions and track results.

Keeping Your Customers Informed

Proactive communication of scheduled services and the field technician’s status is the new norm. With all the various communication channels available these days, it can be a real challenge making sure that you're using the full features of PestPac to streamline the customer notification process. Our specialist will guide you through all the options available within PestPac and show you how to best to configure communications with your customers.

Advanced Tools
How to Use Report Writer

With Report Writer, we can teach your team to customize a report based on your specific needs and to deliver the output of the reports in the various formats needed. We will teach your team how to optimally create refreshable and exportable reports with a simple click, as well as how to schedule recurring report deliveries to keep your teams up-to-date.

How to Define KPIs, Dashboards and Custom Reports

Do you know the key metrics that are vital to your business success? Have a unique report you need written in Report Writer and aren’t sure where to start? No problem! One of our trained analytics experts can help your team to design and build these reports, dashboards and KPIs.

Helping Your Field Teams
How Best to Use PestPac Mobile

Not sure about all the features and options that are available on PestPac Mobile? Our specialists will review your current setup and configuration, then make valuable recommendations on how your business can maximize your investment in PestPac Mobile.

Help Your Inspectors to Get the Most Out of PestPac (IPM)

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed when you look at all the configuration options for Areas, Devices and Conditions in PestPac? Not sure where to start or how these items work together? Not to worry! One of our specialists will assist you in configuring these tables and settings in PestPac to work perfectly for you.

Building the Most Efficient Routes

Do you have a number of technicians who have different starting locations and work hours? Are you not seeing the results you expected from your optimized routes? Do you service gated communities and want to keep customers within the communities serviced together? We have you covered. One of our specialists will review ALL your settings and configurations and make recommendations based on your scheduling needs and best practices.

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