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PestPac’s Professional Service offerings work to ensure that you are fully utilizing the functionality that is most critical for your business success. From services that review your configurations, workflows, and processes, to more advanced offerings for using RouteOp and creating custom reports, our experienced pest control industry team will work with you to understand your unique business model and provide guidance and training for areas of improvement.

Review our service offerings, categorized below, to get started today.

Not sure if you’re utilizing all the core features of PestPac? Are you confused by all the options in Company Setup? Have questions about the proper configuration of your Lookup Tables or how they’re used? Would you like to have better reporting capabilities like revenue by services or branches? Then this service will help you do just that.

What's Included:

Analysis and review of the current Company Setup configuration and make recommendations based on your current needs and workflows.

Advice on modifications based on your company’s needs and ways that you can transform your processes to be more profitable.

Suggested options/modules that you may not be taking advantage of.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have one of WorkWave’s specialists get to know your business operations and workflows and make recommendations for setting up and using PestPac to maximize productivity and efficiency? This intensive virtual or onsite service will do just that over the course of several days spent between WorkWave and your business in a hands-on, online or in-person environment - depending on your needs.

What's Included:

One of our specialists will work with you one-on-one to get a general understanding of your company's business processes and workflows.

Prior to delivery, the specialist will complete a thorough review of your PestPac company configuration and overview of the Lookup Tables.

Once virtual delivery starts:

  • Phase One will be spent with your inside service team observing processes and workflows.
  • Phase Two will develop a complete picture of your processes in regards to your field operations and workflows.
  • Phase Three will provide an action plan for changes/updates to your PestPac usage and configurations.

The number one rule in business is not to mess with your employees' pay. If you're having trouble with commission tracking, this service offering will help identify your current structure and how to configure PestPac to achieve your desired results.

What's Included:

Review of the current commission structure and recommendations based on your company's needs and industry best practices.

Collaborate to configure the appropriate settings and Lookup Tables in PestPac.

Review of how to run commission reports in PestPac.

Review of the recommended process for making corrective commission entries.

Training on how to use Report Writer.

Are you having trouble tracking your marketing spend and sales results? Do you have any idea what sales opportunities are in your pipeline, or what you can expect to close in the next 30 days? Do you feel that your sales process is unique and you aren’t sure how to track your sales processes in PestPac? This service will help answer these questions.

What's Included:

Meeting with the management team to understand the sales workflows and desired outcomes.

Working with members of the sales team to analyze current workflows and processes.

Insight into WorkWave offerings and how to create similar workflows using our existing platform.

Help with setup of configurations and associated Lookup Tables.

Hands-on training for both back office staff and sales team members.

Not sure about all the features and options that are available on PestPac Mobile? Did you know that PestPac Mobile supports the ability to provide your customers with a virtual service summary using video, audio, and pictures? Our specialists will review your current setup and configuration and make valuable recommendations on how your business can maximize your investment with PestPac Mobile.

What's Included:

Meeting with clients to develop an understanding of their current field operations and desired results from PestPac Mobile.

Configuration assistance for Lookup Tables and features in regards to PestPac Mobile.

Live classroom training for the field service team on the features and proper usage of PestPac Mobile.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed when you look at all the configuration options for Areas, Devices, and Conditions in PestPac? Not sure where to start or how these items work together? Not to worry - one of our specialists will assist you in configuring these tables and settings in PestPac to work perfectly for you.

What's Included:

Developing an understanding of how you intend to use this advanced feature in PestPac with your clients.

Assistance in choosing the proper settings for both PestPac and PestPac Mobile applications.

Sample data for each table that can be used as a template in your configuration.

Help in training your team on the usage of the PestPac desktop application.

Detailed training to your field service team on how to properly use and generate reports with the PestPac Mobile application.

Do you have a number of technicians who have different starting locations and work hours? Are you not seeing the results you expected from your optimized routes? Do you service gated communities and want to keep customers within the communities serviced at the same time? We have you covered. One of our specialists will review your settings and configurations and make recommendations based on your scheduling needs and best practices.

What's Included:

Review of your current RouteOp settings.

Training on report creation using PestPac’s Report Writer tool for review of current individual customer constraint settings to verify their accuracy.

Training on some of the more advanced features of RouteOp, including routing clusters, bulk rescheduling tools, and more.

Do you know the key metrics that are vital to your business’s success? Not sure how to pull this data from PestPac and assemble a dashboard to share with your team? No problem. One of our trained Report Writer experts will help organize these reports and place the details into a meaningful dashboard that can be shared daily with your key teams.

What's Included:

Discussion of KPIs with your team to gain better insight into your operations and how this data will be gleaned from Report Writer.

Assistance in creating the needed base reports in Report Writer.

Creation of summary reports that will become the basis of your new dashboards.

Creation of dashboards and the selection of the best format to portray the data.

Have a unique report you need built in Report Writer and aren’t sure where to start? Too busy to create the reports that you need? Want a dynamic dashboard to display in your sales or service department on a large screen monitor? Our professionals can handle all these tasks for you and more!

What's Included:

Discovery session on what specific reports or dashboards are needed.

Initial development of your specific reports and dashboards.

One of the best features of PestPac’s Report Writer is the ability to automate reports to be delivered in various formats via email when needed. Your users can export reports to PDF, XLS, CSV, or RTF files, email reports with a simple click, and schedule recurring report deliveries to keep your teams up-to-date and provide actionable insight.

What's Included:

Identification of what reports in your system need scheduling and configuration.

Discussion on the various scheduling options and the difference between sending reports to individual email addresses or batch sending.

Training on how to configure and modify these reports.

A standardized template, complete with the inherent ability to deliver both General Ledger (GL) and Daily Operational Reporting (DOR) data, allows our larger customers to define and enforce consistent processes, offerings, and reporting for all included branches/PestPac keys. Following the definition and creation of this template, efforts to include any new branch or acquisition become a routine exercise of onboarding and training, effectively eliminating the need for a la carte development.

What's Included:

An initial project would run in three phases:

  1. Template Definition
  2. Template Development
  3. Testing and Production
Project Phases

Template Definition

Template Definition consists of a business analysis and consulting exercise between WorkWave, the customer’s management team, and representatives from select customer branches. A thorough review of existing processes and PestPac configurations for several branches/company keys, coupled with guidance on best practices and an eye toward support-required outputs for GL and DOR exports.

Template Development

Dependant upon the requirements documented during the Template Definition phase, WorkWave will recommend the following approaches to a standard customer-specific PestPac instance:

  1. A single database to house a collection of branches, or
  2. A group of branch-specific databases created with a script, ensuring the same Lookup Table values, configurations, and export functions for all customer databases.

Testing and Production

Following definition and development of the common template, the final phase will be a migration of data from an existing customer branch using PestPac to the new template. This is a standard process for WorkWave that consists of three phases:

  1. Creation of a draft database
  2. Testing
  3. Move to production

Do you wish you had your own PestPac expert on staff and available whenever you needed them for special projects, setting up new features, creating new reports, or just someone to bounce new ideas off of? WorkWave now offers just that. With our new retainer programs you can purchase a fixed number of hours each month to use at your own discretion.

Looking for more in-depth instruction and training? Utilized all the self-service training resources (WorkWave University, PestPac University, PestPac Community)? WorkWave is committed to ensuring you have the general training and knowledge you need to meet your business goals. But sometimes something more is needed. This service will provide you with the additional training you might need.

What's Included:

30-minute discovery call to understand your training requirements

Jointly developed agenda of topics with a WorkWave specialist

A predetermined length of one-on-one calls based on the output of the discovery session

Shared recordings of web conferences for internal business use

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