GPS Vehicle Tracking

Improve your profitability and reduce operating costs with technology that provides insight into your tech’s location and performance.

GPS tracking dashboard

Improved Operational Efficiency,
Better Customer Service

Easily access current technician locations alongside scheduled stops in real time. GPS Tracking gives you the power to oversee vehicles, view scheduled stops, see actual time spent on-site, and monitor and improve driver behavior. Respond to last-minute routing changes with ease.

Keep Your Technicians on Track, More Accountable, and Gain Better Control and Visibility Into Your Business

See where your vehicles are and proactively reroute to avoid congestion, reduce idling, and meet service commitments while reducing your operational expenses and servicing more customers

Real-Time Actionable Data to Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • See a map of your vehicle locations and orders and adjust as needed
  • Stay updated on technicians’ daily progress and identify improvements like reducing idle time and unnecessary fuel waste
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use with Motion Alerts and Geofence Alerts
  • Use Route Comparison reporting to identify any lost revenue or to adjust quotes
  • Analyze service data and trends such as the number of callbacks and time spent sorted by service and technician
  • Rank technicians and continuously coach your staff
Did You Know?

Your technicians represent your business on the road and bad driver behavior has an impact on the wear and tear of your vehicle, fuel costs and your professional image. Additionally, motor vehicle crashes cost employers billions of dollars each year.

GPS tracking data for pest control
GPS driver behavior dashboard

Eliminate Unsafe Driving and Costly Accidents and Reward Good Driving Behavior

Monitor for

  • Speeding and speed violations
  • Harsh braking, cornering and acceleration
  • Excessive idling

Provide a Better Customer Experience

Pest control customer experience
  • Real-time alerts to track of job status and provide an accurate estimated time of arrival
  • Dispatch more efficiently
  • Improve your technicians’ on-time performance

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