PestPac Customer Connect+Logbook

Deliver next-level service for your commercial clients by organizing, storing, and tracking important inspection reports, so they are always ready for audit.

Pest control digital logbook

Empowering Your
Corporate Auditor

Now you can be audit-ready with accurate and complete documentation, logs, and reports for your on-site audits. Provide all the relevant inspection data that your auditors need from one easily accessible location.

Take the Burden and Expense Out of Auditing

The digital logbook organizes, stores, and tracks the most important documentation—inspection reports, sighting logs, and licensing information—for easy access any time.

Reduce Audit Preparation Costs and Time

  • Reduce preparation time and potential overage fees with clean financial data and schedules
  • Streamline access to reports and documentation
  • Reduce the costs associated with reconciliations due to incomplete information
  • Complete audits faster and more easily with self-service capabilities
Pest control auditing dashboard
Pest control document organization

Efficient Organization of Documents for Audits

  • Easily navigate, search and find important documents, including licensing, certificates, pest activity reports, treatments, and trends
  • Searchable repository for past inspection reports
  • Organized log of all inspection results
  • Quickly locate devices by viewing detailed floor plan schematics
  • Limit access to specific locations and associated data

Easily Update Documents

Updating pest control documents
  • Eliminate handwritten errors and misspellings
  • Create, view, and update log entries
  • Record pest sightings
  • Log remedial activity
  • View and update SDS labels
  • Complete forms online
Pest control tracking reports

Reports for Tracking, Auditing, and Decision Making

  • View logbook, reports, documents, or conditions and create messages
  • Receive pop-up notifications when it’s time for license or document renewals
  • Generate graphs showing past trend analysis
  • Offline access to view and print from mobile

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