Marketing Automation

Manage and streamline marketing processes and campaigns across multiple channels to drive new revenue.

Marketing Automation dashboard in pest control software

Marketing & Lead Generation
In One Place

Automate and optimize common and repetitive marketing tasks and workflows including email marketing and drip campaigns. Nurture, engage and provide meaningful content to prospects and customers, driving new sales to closure.

Engage at Every Step of the Buyer’s Journey

Manage, measure and execute effective email marketing campaigns that generate new business and strengthen your relationships with existing customers.

Design and Execute Sophisticated Email Campaigns

  • Design compelling and personalized email templates to be used across multiple campaigns for newsletters, offers, specials, promotions, and more
  • Schedule campaigns for specific days of the week and times of day
  • Manage multiple dynamic and static email lists
  • Create campaigns effortlessly using the guidance of the campaign builder
  • Accurately attribute campaigns using tracking telephone numbers
Email campaign dashboard for pest control
KPI dashboard for pest control companies

Measure and Optimize Marketing Campaigns Using Key Metrics

  • Compare and rank your marketing campaigns using key performance metrics like cost per lead and ROI
  • Track key delivery metrics including open, click, and bounce rates
  • Measure key campaign performance metrics including leads, sales, and revenue generated with lead management
  • Get email campaigns statistics by branch or for all branches

Nurture Marketing Campaigns

Drip campaigns in pest control software
  • Automate drip campaigns and generate a steady flow of useful information and offers to remain top of mind with prospects
  • Automatically assign new leads to marketing drip campaigns
  • Assign canceled customers to nurture drips to stay top of mind in case they change their mind
  • Proactively market services you'd like to cross-sell to existing customers
  • Terminate campaigns for any prospect who opts out of your email process

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.

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