Route Optimization

Using an industry-leading, proprietary algorithm, RouteOp increases operational efficiencies through scheduling algorithms that ensure customers are serviced promptly and that techs are dispatched efficiently.

Eliminate the Guesswork With
Intelligent Route Optimization

While route optimization provides enhanced efficiency for your company by adding more stops per day, it also gives your customers a more predictable, reliable experience. PestPac’s RoueOp does the thinking for you, helping you save hours by simplifying routing and allowing you to tweak plans to serve your customer best, all while servicing more customers and closing orders faster.

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Did you know there are approximately 3,682,800 variations of a route that one tech can drive to visit 10 appointments? This kind of route planning is impossible to optimize without routing automation software.

Sharpen Your Planning, Route With Ease

Instead of forcing you to spend hours in the office, PestPac RouteOp uses a complex algorithm to find the best route in just seconds or minutes. You can increase customer satisfaction, optimize your route planning, easily fit in new appointments, and generate more revenue, all while reducing your daily operational expenses.

WorkWave PestPac RouteOp Features

Pest control route planning

Reduce wasted drive time or idling between appointments

Quickly make adjustments to fit your standards

Easily set default optimization rules and schedule frequencies

Utilize your assets to full capacity

Grow and scale without adding more staff

Pest control routes

Reduce wasted time, drive time, and the number of miles driven per job

Find the best time and technician for last minute or rescheduled jobs in seconds—without disrupting the schedule

Run different scenarios for the best time slots minimizing the impact of changes

Fit in more jobs with the same number of technicians

Keep customers happy by showing you are reliable and prompt

Better understand your company’s performance and business value when you sort data by route, technician, service, branch, location, or other criteria

Select a group of appointments on the map and reassign based on changing needs

Optimize stops to reduce drive time

Print directions and route information or send automatically to a mobile device

Pest control prepare routes

Quickly plan your daily, weekly, or monthly routes with just a few clicks

Account for special rules or restrictions when scheduling

Handle last minute changes while maximizing existing resources

Increase customer satisfaction by honoring special appointment time requests and other unique needs

Pest control route dashboard

Quickly and easily map one-time or recurring orders

Re-route multiple projects at the same time

Save routes for future use

Assign multiple users to a project and control user access

Use Visual Route Manager in conjunction with RouteOp for territory management and planning

Pest control best fit routes

Access Best Fit with one click from an order or the appointment calendar

Limit search to a specific technician or region, or let Best Fit decide

Define a date or time range to search within, or let Best Fit decide

Choose a time slot with one click, all without needing to put the customer on hold

Effortlessly assign a Work Day Calendar to each technician

Pest control route optimization

Choose orders to optimize by date range, technician, region, branch, or a combination of fields

Optimize hundreds of orders in minutes

Easily redistribute jobs if a technician is on vacation or calls out sick

Squeeze in last minute appointments

Transform your business processes through powerful software automation tools.

On average, companies using RouteOp:

Combine RouteOp with GPS to track vehicles in real-time and compare planned routes to actual routes driven

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