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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Tracking. More From PestPac.

Always know exactly where every vehicle or technician is, so you can respond to customer demands faster, and make more efficient and productive business decisions. You get a bird’s eye view of your whole operation from PestPac®, which makes vehicle tracking and dispatch faster, more reliable and smarter.

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Our GPS App for Managers is now available for download in the iOS and Android stores!

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"After looking at a well known competitor's solution, we went with WorkWave GPS, it was more affordable. The idea that we can run our GPS in one program, PestPac, and have it tie into the service orders was well worth the try. All of the GPS companies we looked at offer a lot of features, but they end up being clutter. Not having to compare timesheets to GPS reports has been a tremendous time saver."

-David, Service Technology Manager 2016


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Vehicle Tracking

View all active vehicles and status of scheduled stops to provide accurate and reliable ETAs and customer alerts

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Real-Time Dispatching

Send job information direct to PestPac GPS to update technician schedules, re-route for a new work order or to avoid congestion and decrease idling time

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Comparison Reporting

See route taken vs. planned routes. Track time taken for each job to pinpoint most profitable routes, services and technicians

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Customer Reporting

Pinpoint any day or time and provide accurate report of vehicle location, technician start and end time for any customer job

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Motion and
Geofence Alerts

Identify unauthorized vehicle use

Speedometer Icon

Speeding Threshold

Activates an alert when the vehicle exceeds predetermined speed threshold

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More Productivity

Time wasted between jobs or sitting in traffic means less time with clients. With PestPac GPS, you can monitor vehicle location and driving conditions to stay on top of your technician’s schedule and track work orders throughout the day. You can reroute technicians to avoid congestion, and send new work orders from PestPac direct to your technician’s GPS device to squeeze in more appointments. Being able to see the exact location and schedule of all your technicians from PestPac means dispatching decisions can be made faster based on who is closest or who has the available time to take on a new job without upsetting the planned schedule. You can find more room for more clients and retain reliability.

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Improved Safety

The financial impact of a crash can be severe, and the burden on your business can be catastrophic from the loss of a technician to the loss of a good reputation. PestPac GPS improves driver accountability and promotes more responsible safe driving practices. In turn, improving safe driving practices of your technicians can save your business thousands of dollars, and invaluable time and stress*. Your vehicles are visual representatives of your business on the road, and safe driving reflects on the way your company is perceived. Being reliable on the road means fewer accidents and a better company reputation. PestPac GPS is more than just a navigational tool and tracking device.

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More Savings

Unauthorized vehicle use, diversions from planned routes, speeding fines and harsh driving can add up to seriously impact revenue. PestPac GPS ensures greater driver accountability so your technicians stick to the planned routes, reduce fuel costs, and there’s less wear and tear on your vehicles. With route comparison reporting you can view at-a-glance scheduled versus actual start and duration times for each job. Pinpoint your most productive services or technicians, and make adjustments to future services or quotes based on actual data showing exact time spent for each job.

* Did you know: The average crash costs an employer $16,000 Source:

Safe Driver Behavior Module:

More than improving the driving habits of your technicians, you can use the safe driver behavior module to boost morale, reward safe driving and to ensure your vehicles are kept in optimum condition. Your safer drivers help promote your business reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

G-Force triggered accelerometer

for excessive idling, harsh braking, cornering and acceleration - pinpoint the location and timing for any of these violations

Alerts for Speeding

whether the vehicle is traveling over predetermined speed threshold or posted speed limit

Geofence Alerts

creates a visual perimeter around a specific geographic location to ensure technicians stay within their approved service area

Driver Alerts

communicate driver behavior so corrective driving can be encouraged to promote safety

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