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Field Operations

GPS Tracking with Pest Control Scheduling Software

More Field Visibility

There’s a great deal of trust when you send your technicians out into the field and getting lost or distracted during the day can have big repercussions on your business success. Adding GPS to your pest control scheduling software helps to keep your technicians on track, more accountable, and gives you superior control and visibility into your business. With PestPac® GPS you can monitor your vehicles and view your technician’s scheduled stops, actual time spent on-site and driver behavior. You can see exactly where each of your vehicles are in real-time and take pro-active action to re-route a technician to avoid congestion and reduce idling time. From a single view, you can quickly identify and dispatch the best technician for a new stop.

More Savings

PestPac GPS gives you real-time actionable data to see where you can improve operational efficiencies.

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Reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear by ensuring technicians are following the planned routes and practicing safe driving behavior.

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Eliminate wasted time between jobs by comparing actual start and duration times for each service.

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Ensure no unauthorized vehicle use with Motion Alerts for vehicle use outside of business hours, and Geofence Alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a specified area.

With Route Comparison reporting you can quickly identify any lost revenue or determine where quotes for specific service need to be adjusted.

Better Driver Behavior

Your technicians represent your business on the road and bad driver behavior has an impact on the wear and tear of your vehicle, fuel cost and your professional image. Additionally, motor vehicle crashes cost employers billions of dollars each year. PestPac GPS helps you reward good driving behavior and eliminate unsafe driving practices such as:

Speeding and speed violations

Harsh braking, cornering and acceleration

Excessive idling

Better Customer Experience

Your customers want a quick response and with pest control scheduling software you can see and respond faster to your customer needs. PestPac GPS uses real-time alerts so you can keep track of job status throughout the day and provide accurate ETAs to your customers. Your technicians are dispatched more efficiently and PestPac GPS improves your technician’s on-time performance.

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