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PestPac LogIt

Audit-Ready. At All Times.

Instantly organize IPM audit-ready documentation. PestPac® LogIt is a digital logbook that organizes, stores and tracks the most important documentation and inspection reports so your commercial clients are always ready for audit. There’s no more struggling with bulky 3-ring binders, scribbled notes or lost paperwork. It’s accessible 24/7, includes automated prompts and reminders to save time managing your commercial accounts.

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Easy to navigate, search and find all important documents

Pop Up Icon

Pop-up notifications when licenses and important documents have expired

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Create, view and update log entries

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View and update SDS labels

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Searchable repository for past inspection reports

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Generate graphs showing past trend analysis

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Quickly locate devices viewing detailed floor plan schematics

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Organized log of all inspection results

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Offline access to view and print from mobile device

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Save hours searching for paperwork

Sifting through hefty ring-binders in search for important paperwork is an ineffective use of your time. Your reputation for being efficient in producing required documentation is as important as being effective in resolving the pest control issue. With PestPac LogIt, in just a few clicks you can access all the licensing, certificates, pest activity reports, treatments and trends. Your customers get the important documentation they need almost instantly and you save time.

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Quickly provide audit-ready paperwork

When up to 20% of your client’s audit score is dependant on pest management documentation it’s reassuring to your customers that you can give them what they need in a timely and organized way. No missing forms, inaccurate claims, coffee stains, torn paper or illegible handwriting. Missing paperwork takes up valuable time for you and your client. PestPac LogIt improves trust by providing efficient organization of every pest control related document needed to comply with a third-party audit.

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Easily update documents

Electronic forms are without common typos or misspellings found in handwritten paperwork. PestPac LogIt gives you quick and easy access to create and view log entries, record pest sightings, log remedial activity, update SDS labels and complete forms stored online. Prompts in PestPac LogIt automatically raise notification alerts for any licenses or documents that are expired so proactive action can be taken.

Stand out from the competition

More than saving you time, it’s a feature that makes you stand out from the competition. Producing required paperwork is one of the biggest drains on time. With PestPac LogIt, you can produce the proper documentation and demonstrate, with a visual report, how and why your approach to integrated pest management (IPM) helps to keep them safely in business.

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