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PestPac Mobile

Raising the bar on customer experience.

PestPac® Mobile transforms the efficiency of your technician in the field. More than just access to critical customer data or printing documents on the job, it’s the most easy-to-use and accessible tool that keeps your technicians informed, on-time and responsive for the best customer service.

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"PestPac Mobile creates a better customer experience because technicians have more face time with the customer. The more time they have to educate and talk to the customer, the better the service is."

-Emilio, Owner 2016


With PestPac Mobile you gain access to all the features and benefits you need to monitor and operate your business in the field. You control the permissions per device so your employees only have the features they need. PestPac Mobile works offline, so even where there is no signal your technicians still have access to customer information, can close work orders, time in-out appointments and print from PestPac Mobile.

  • Access customer information offline
  • Print offline
  • Manage timesheet entries
  • Time in and out of service appointments
  • View, create and reschedule appointments
  • Quickly get directions to the next location
  • Add photos or diagrams
  • Record materials usage
  • Barcode scanning
  • Capture signatures
  • Call or email customers with one click
  • Email WDO Forms
  • Print detailed inspection reports (using Bluetooth or WiFi printer or print to PDF and email)
  • Securely accept credit card payments

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Faster response

Searching for client notes and job history can look disorganized, messy and is time consuming. With PestPac Mobile your technicians can access customer information instantly from the field. PestPac Mobile is a pest control app that instantly updates directly to your tech’s iOS or Android device with new customer requests, last minute schedule changes, emergency jobs or other unexpected events.

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Increased productivity

Stop wasting time with double-entry or searching for lost notes taken in the field. Record job notes, upload images, amend client information, record materials usage and capture signatures. Print detailed inspection reports using a compatible printer or email reports as a PDF in a few clicks. In real-time, data is synchronized so no matter where you are you know you have the most current information from the office and the field.

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Improved accountability

Technicians will love the ease-of-use of the already familiar iOS or Android device they have in their pocket. Stop wasting time calling into the office and instead, swi#ly manage timesheets; time in and out of appointments without guesswork. Mobile increases each individual’s accountability and saves valuable time. You get a more efficient and productive team, spending more time doing the work they do best. Customers will love your more reliable, responsive and professional service capabilities.

Robust Functionality for Integrated Pest Management

Whether you do all commercial services or you have a mix of residential and commercial customers, PestPac Mobile IPM Module has added features and functionality to make performing inspections on your mobile device easier than ever before. It’s not just easier, it’s more accurate and consistent. Since more information is being completed by your technician in the field, there’s less office work of catching up on printing and or emailing reports. Commercial clients are happier to get a record of their reports faster and you can access them no matter where you are since everything is automatically synced to PestPac in the cloud.

View order details, inspect all areas, scan devices, track pest activity and document all actions. Complete reporting and capture customer signatures using mobile. Upon completion of the inspection on-site, so long as you have a Bluetooth-enabled printer, the customer can get the inspection report instantly; or send via email. Using PestPac Mobile to access critical inspection reports and ensure the customer has them the moment they are completed ensures your technicians can deliver the highest level of services to keep commercial customers safely in business.

Enhanced Barcode Scanning

For many pest control companies, using the camera on your mobile device to efficiently scan barcodes is all you need. But, when you handle commercial accounts that require multiple barcodes to be scanned at myriad locations, sometimes the camera on your mobile device is not enough. PestPac Mobile integrates seamlessly with many approved barcode scanning accessories for optimum efficiency and ease-of-use:

For more information on PestPac Mobile compatibility and pairing instructions, or for updated information on PestPac Mobile supported devices, please don’t hesitate to call us today at

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More Accurate Termite Tracking

Instantly improve speed and efficiency of termite inspections and reports. Complete termite inspections for Sentricon services. From a smartphone or tablet, technicians can scan bait stations, track termite activity, upload images, take notes and replace stations. Once an inspection is complete, select WDI and WDO forms can be filled out in the field and emailed to the customer or printed direct from PestPac Mobile. Everything is documented and stored in PestPac for accuracy and is easily accessible from anywhere, saving your office time while empowering technicians in the field.


PestPac Mobile

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