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PestPac RouteOp

Flexible, powerful route planning and optimization.

PestPac® RouteOp uses a proprietary routing algorithm that helps you route jobs for the month, or any time range, in minutes instead of hours. Easily adjust plans for customer requests, last minute personnel changes, emergency jobs, or other unexpected events.

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"What I discovered with RouteOp was that I could have cut out 1 technician entirely and done all of the work with the remaining techs, but I elected not to do that - I was able to grow the business to meet need instead."

-David, President 2015


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Best Fit

Instantly find the best time for new or rescheduled appointments

  • Access Best Fit with one click from an order or the appointment calendar
  • Limit search to a specific technician or region or let Best Fit decide
  • Define a date or time range to search within or let Best Fit decide
  • Choose a time slot in one click, all without needing to put the customer on hold
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Single Day & Multi Day Optimization

Select appointments for the day with Single Day, or for the time period of your choice with Multi Day and schedule them efficiently in minutes

  • Choose orders to optimize by date range, technician, region, branch or a combination of fields
  • Optimize hundreds of orders in minutes
  • Easily redistribute jobs if a technician is on vacation or calls out sick
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Save hours and simplify routing

Route planning and schedule adjustments can be difficult and take hours of your day. Simplify things with RouteOp and keep staff focused.

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Service more customers with your existing workforce

Start utilizing your assets to capacity, without wasted time or effort. Use our pest control routing software to grow and scale your business without adding staff.

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Satisfy customers (and employees)

Customers will love the accurate time estimates and on-time arrivals you will be able to provide, and technicians will appreciate an efficient and productive day. Which leads to fewer calls in to the office!

On average, companies using RouteOp:

Service 21% more jobs per technician

Increase revenue without adding staff

Save 30% on fuel

Lower costs, more profit

Reduce drive time
by 30%

More time with customers, less time driving

Combine RouteOp with GPS to track vehicles in real-time and compare planned routes to actual routes driven.

Time Blocks

For meetings, time off, vehicle maintenance and holidays.

Technician Skills

Such as certifications and languages spoken.

Business Hours

You specify hours of operation and can adjust hours and meal times per technician.

Start & End Locations

Start routing from the office, technicians’ homes or the first stop.

Maximum Number of Jobs

Define a maximum number of daily jobs to ensure even job distribution.

Customer Requests

Such as day of week, time windows and preferred technician.

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