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Field Operations

Termite Inspection Software

Industry Trusted Solution

PestPac® offers comprehensive termite inspection software with all the reporting tools and features your technicians need to easily and efficiently manage termite inspections, renewals, Sentricon® integration, and WDI/WDO forms and reports.

As a trusted leader in pest control software, and partner with Dow AgroSciences, PestPac intuitively tracks all the data necessary to perform and manage termite inspection for Sentricon set-up, inspection, renewals and reporting so that the information is kept accurate and all in one place. You save time, increase efficiency and know you’re using a trusted solution.

More Efficient

Sentricon authorized operators can quickly and easily install and monitor their Sentricon sites within PestPac. You no longer have to spend time switching between devices or sites to find the information your technician needs. With PestPac, you'll immediately gain efficiency, as all the information is in one place.

Submit monthly reports to Dow AgroSciences from PestPac

Run additional reports such as Phase II Produce Stewardship Reports and Average Spacing Station Reports

Quick access to WDI/WDO, NPMA-33 and all state specific forms

Eliminate paper, reduce labor, complete inspections faster

More Accurate

There’s no need for double-entry when using PestPac Mobile Termite Software. With mobile, your technicians can complete inspections in the field and update all necessary forms at the time of inspection. It’s easy to upload images, add graphs and customize final reports so that the moment your technicians complete their inspection, they can email a professional looking and state compliant report.

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Inspect and scan bait stations right from a smartphone or tablet

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Inspect and scan Sentricon devices, track termite activity and replace stations

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Eliminate end-of-day entries by completing all forms on the mobile device in the field

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Save valuable office time by emailing report forms to the customer directly from the field

Go Mobile Today!

PestPac Mobile syncs instantly with your office and in the cloud, so no matter where you are you can see updated information and new documents the moment they are entered by your technicians. It’s so easy for your technicians to use, ensures accuracy, and you can access the data at any time and from any place.

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More Satisfaction

Your customers trust you to keep their properties safe and protected from termites. Using the Termite module for PestPac you can increase your professional appearance, produce customized reports and ensure a faster turn-around response.

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