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PestPac Visual Route Manager

Visual Mapping. More Efficiency and Control.

PestPac® Visual Route Manager uses Google Maps technology to quickly help you visualize your customer locations and improve route plans. Plot one-time or recurring jobs, easily move things around and assign to a different technician or work date.

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"PestPac Visual Route Manager has saved us a lot of time and money by making us more efficient. We use it every day to ensure that our routes are efficient and we love the ease-of-use."

- Amy, Customer Service Manager 2015


Project management functionality means you can work on several routing plans at the same time with multiple users. The job mapping is colorful, easy-to-visualize and instantly accessible for you to drag and drop to move appointments. Plan ahead for growth and ensure your route planning is as efficient as possible. Projects can be saved to revisit later or changes can be committed to PestPac with one click.

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View setups or orders color coded by technician or schedule

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Intuitive functionality allows you to easily zoom in and out and reposition map

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Analyze historical performance using the invoice search option

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Search by a wide range of criteria including technician, service and account information

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Easily select a group of appointments and adjust work dates and/or technicians

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Basic route optimization; optimize for a single day and technician. Looking for automated route optimization? Try RouteOp.

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Strategically plan territories

Easily map out service territories, expand or divide your service area. Keep routes balanced by viewing annual value and duration.

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Improve route optimization

Using RouteOp Pest Control Routing Software? Use Visual Route Manager periodically to map out territories and strategically divide routes prior to optimization.

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Obtain a visual of your routes

You understand your territory and customers best. The Visual Route Manager puts you in control, allowing you to try different scenarios and only commit to changes when you’re ready.

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