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Powerful Email Marketing

Effective communication.
Steady Lead-flow.

Nurturing prospects and maintaining contact with current customers has never been easier or more effective. PestPac® gives Pest Management Professionals exactly what they need to generate new business and strengthen their relationships with existing customers. Our solution allows you to create, distribute and track a variety of email marketing campaigns that build brand recognition and promote your services through online marketing.

You’ll know exactly what’s working and what isn’t as you maintain professional and respectful contact with customers and prospects. Plus our pest control software includes contact management features that allow you to tag contacts to receive only those promotions that apply to them—increasing the chances they’ll open and act on them.

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Professional Templates and Content Creation

  • Create compelling email templates for newsletters, offers and more, and use them across multiple campaigns.
  • Proactively market complementary services you'd like to cross-sell to existing customers, for example, general pest control service to termite customers.
  • Generate a steady flow of useful information and offers to stay in front of contacts.
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Top-Notch Contact Management Tools

  • Manage multiple email lists.
  • Automatically assign new leads to marketing drip campaigns if they are not ready to buy.
  • Assign canceled customers to nurture drips to stay top of mind in case they change their mind.
  • Quickly and easily terminate campaigns for prospects who opt out of your lists.
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Advanced Campaign Scheduling

  • Schedule campaigns for specific days and times.
  • Use auto-scheduling to keep promotions running while you focus other tasks.
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Accurate Reporting Metrics

  • Track key online marketing metrics including open, click and bounce rates.
  • Measure key campaign performance metrics, including leads and sales generated.
  • Compare and rank your marketing campaigns using key performance metrics like cost per lead and ROI.

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