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Marketing Automation
for Pest Control

Marketing Automation for
Pest Control Professionals

Personalized, Targeted Communication.

PestPac® Marketing Automation helps you build closer relationships with prospects and customers by using software and smart tactics to build your email list, increase customer engagement and nurture prospects.

No more missed opportunities, or worse, lost sales. PestPac marketing automation software will increase your ability to follow up with qualified leads. More than blasting email campaigns, PestPac marketing automation helps you nurture leads across multiple channels to provide tailored and specific content that is relevant in addressing the unique needs and nature of your audience.

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Professional, targeted email campaigns for newsletters, promotions, win-back campaigns, and more

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Top-Notch contact management tools allow you to easily segment your customer and prospect lists

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Schedule campaigns for specific days and times or use auto-scheduling to keep promotions running while you focus on other tasks

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Target prospects and customers at the right time using automated drip campaigns

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Detailed reporting to track key delivery metrics including open, click and bounce rates, and measure campaign performance

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Dramatically increase customer engagement

Design, send and track sophisticated email campaigns that build your brand recognition, promote your services and speak to the specific concerns and needs of your customers. From newsletters, special offers and promotions, you control the message you send to each customer to make it relevant and valuable.

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Get deeper insights

Save time and streamline processes by using PestPac marketing automation so that all your campaign tracking and statistics are instantly integrated with PestPac customer data. At a glance, and all in one place, you can see campaign performance and conversion data to know what’s working and what needs to be changed for better results. Your marketing communication capabilities can be dramatically increased without increasing your workload, your marketing staff, or requiring IT staff with database experience.

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See measurable results

Convert more prospects to customers when you automate drip campaigns to nurture not-yet-ready customers. Instantly see the results of campaigns and segment your audience to create individual user profiles. With real-time visibility into your campaign performance you can test and track the time of day, day of the week, headings and creative format that increase your open, click and conversion rate.

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Results you can expect to see:

Increase volume and quality of leads

Faster sales cycle

More targeted campaigns that result in higher quality leads

Experts in software and pest control management

Manual processes for identifying and scoring leads, and tracking campaign success takes up a lot of time. Using disparate systems for marketing efforts can lead to double-entry, loss of communication and poor visibility throughout the company. PestPac marketing automation gives you unique power to broadcast your message to the very people that need your service. No more pushing email blasts to unqualified leads. Marketing automation is about drawing your audience closer to you by sending out messages to the right audience and at the right time.

By providing consistent, personalized and useful content you’re investing in a long-term relationship with your customers.


Introducing PestPac
Marketing Automation

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